Exclusive insights about how to run a successful photo studio by Victor Wang from San Francisco


He knows everything about energy and motion: Passionate photographer and art director Victor Wang is specialised in sports, personal performance and athletics. He has shot Olympians and celebrities, but also fashion or music.

Working as a photographer in San Francisco, Victor always expected specific standards to be met while developing his work. He was bold enough to open up his own BLAST Digital + Studio to provide the same excellence he was looking for to other professionals in the city. The key of BLAST Digital + Studio’s success is to always focus on the needs of every individual photographer while providing a high level of service. Hear more about it from Victor:

“Production Paradise is very valuable.” – Victor Wang

After getting in touch with Production Paradise in New York for the first time, Victor discovered it not only as a resource for them to advertise to other photographers, but also as an opportunity to find make up artists, production people, set builders etc. and bring them in for their own projects.

Victor Wang about Production Paradise: “We have been using Production Paradise for three years and we have kept on top of the results and referrals that we’ve got, and it makes sense to keep on advertising with them.”

It was a pleasure for us to talk with Victor Wang and we want to thank him for taking the time. You can find more about BLAST Digital + Studio’s work on their website.

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