10 Corporate & Industrial Photography shots that made it to the Spotlight Awards Shortlist


The Corporate & Industrial Photography category of Spotlight Awards 2020 had many amazing submissions this year and our judges have made lots of efforts to make their final selections.


See the top 10 chosen images here.

Yvonne Moeller, Director Communications Europe at Aurora Europe GmbH, Germany and Joseph Siegel, Sr. Director Creative and Marketing at DHL, USA are our two new addtions to the judges panel. This year they have joinded Robyn Selman, Photo Director at Forbes Magazine, USA; Mae Delaney-Rei, Creative Producer at JPMorgan Chase Bank, and USA and Cassio Cappelossa, Global Brand Identity and Merchandise at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, USA, who have also judged in previuos editons of the Spotlight Awards.

“I am quite aware of how difficult it is these days to get any exposure and set yourself apart from the photographer next door. Awards like Production Paradise’s offer a unique chance for professionals to hopefully get their work out there for the world to see, receive some positive feedback and some constructive criticism if that is the case. It is a platform to expand one’s network of people who can later become influential in that person’s professional life, ” – commented Cassio Cappelossa.

We would like to congratulate our shortlisted photographers of Corporate & Industrial Photography category: Diego Cappella (United States), Kristian Gehradte (Australia), Benjamin Statham (United Kingdom), Sergei Tatarskikh (Russia), Jeff Camden (Australia), Marc Morrison (United States), Amanda Aitken(New Zealand), Andy Mahr (United States), and Alun Callender (United Kingdom).

Keep updated: only two more categories left to annouce! All the Category Winners and the Grand Prize Winner will be revealed on 27th of October 2020!


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