10 must-know Fashion Photographers who made it to the Spotlight Awards Shortlist


Nowadays visuals influence our world in all aspects. Each day numerous fashion campaigns are created and exposed around us, but only a few catch our attention! Our Spotlight Awards 2020 Fashion Photography Category received thousands of such fantastic images this year and our judges are from GQTop-BeautyUrban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren Digital, Esquire & Harper’s Bazaar and CHANEL, who have carefully selected the top 10 images of this category for the Spotlight Awards 2020!


We want to thank our judges: Jamel Benjemaia, Image Director at GQ, France; Emanuele Amighetti, Photo Editor at Esquire & Harper’s Bazaar, Italy; Anna Verkholantseva, Creative Producer at Top-Beauty Magazine, USA; Daniel Kent, Creative Director at Urban Outfitters, USA; Nick Bologna, Production Manager at Ralph Lauren Digital, USA; Jérémie Atlani, Senior Art director at CHANEL, France.

We would also like to warmly congratulate our shortlisted photographers of Fashion Photography category: Alicia Stepp (United States), Kostas Stavropoulos (Greece), Eva Schwank (United Kingdom), Felix Wirth (Germany), Astrid M. Obert (Germany) – for 2 nominations!,  Anna Michell (United Kingdom), Christoph Kassette (Germany), Paul Farnham (United Kingdom) and Christopher Puttins (Germany).

Stay Tuned for ⁠the Category Winners and Grand Prize Winner reveal on the 27th of October 2020!



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