A charming meeting with Lara Gerin: the impressive career of a fashion stylist and DJ


Lara Gerin is a stylist who combines her two passions in her professional career: fashion and music. She started as a model in the early 90’s and now she splits her time between working as a fashion stylist and a DJ.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Lara has worked with many fashion brands internationally. She is currently based in New York but often works in Zurich and Berlin and is also available for assignments worldwide.

We had the chance to speak to Lara about fashion, music, her work, inspirations and more.


Production Paradise: Can you tell us how your career began? Did you expect to be in the position and place you are in today? 

Lara Gerin: I began as a model, and then organically switch to styling. I was always really curious and it seemed more appealing to me, professionally, to be behind the scenes.


Production Paradise: You started off in Tokyo, and became an ‘it girl’ when the Brazilian fashion industry started to boom, how do you feel this affected the way your career went and how your style evolved?

Lara Gerin: When I was modelling in Tokyo I had the honour to work with Issey Miyake, and with him I’ve learned everything about the creative process. He was absolutely detail-minded and he had a crew of 15 people, everyone doing their own thing – that actually made me want to switch sides.


Production Paradise: What has been your highlight within your career?

Lara Gerin: All this years I’ve been working hard, so all the process of growing into a respected professional in my country (Brazil) is already a big highlight. I have always believed that my hard work would bring me recognition.

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Production Paradise: How was the experience of working alongside Giovanni Bianco? Did you notice a vast difference between styling certain brands with him to other brands you did on your own?

Lara Gerin: Giovanni is like me, a perfectionist, so I was always very much amazed by how he handled everything and knew what he wanted, also from everybody involved in the process – so yes, there is a big difference, in every project there are certainly high demands, so professionalism is essential; working on my own projects sometimes I would have to deal with some issues that with Giovanni I wouldn’t have to.



Production Paradise: How important do you feel having an online presence is within the creative industry today?

Lara Gerin: Now that I’ve moved to New York it’s a new start and a new challenge, and that is what moves me the most, so it is very important for me to have an online presence, so people can see my work and be interested in hiring me.

Production Paradise: Do you have a personal favourite trend in fashion that you prefer to style with?

Lara Gerin: Not exactly, I like the challenge of doing styling with whatever I have in hand. What I care mostly about brands is the quality of their clothes.


Production Paradise: You have managed to link music and fashion in your career and in your life; do you feel they go hand in hand?

Lara Gerin: They certainly do, and that is why I actually manage to do it. Here in the United States it’s difficult to do both, people get confused, which is a little sad – having said that, I’ll never abandon my music side, it has been with me my whole life. I will eventually find a way to bring them back together.

Production Paradise: You have a big following on your social media platforms, how did you make this happen and what kind of posts do you feel draw the followers in?

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Lara Gerin: The funny thing about that is that I just let my social media pages open to whoever wants to follow me, and that is how I’ve got those followers. I noticed that what actually brings me more followers is posting pictures of myself, either at work, or having fun, or with  celebrities.

Production Paradise: As a high-quality top stylist, do you have any advice or tips for people aspiring to work in this industry?

Lara Gerin: My tip is always “no pain, no gain”: you really have to work hard to be the best version of yourself so you can reach a certain level of recognition. It is not an easy industry to be in and the competition is massive, so your best effort is not enough, work harder or go home!

We would like to thank Lara Gerin for taking the time to talk with us. You can see more of her work in her website. You can also find her and other New York based stylists listed on our directory. Recently Lara’s work was featured in New York Showcase Magazine. To keep updated, don’t forget to subscribe to our Stylists and Hair & Make Up Artists Spotlight Magazine, where we will feature the latest work of Lara and other stylists from around the world.

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