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Terminal Production is a full service production company producing national and international commercials, photo shoots, events and corporate films for over 15 years.

From its offices in Bologna, Milan and Buenos Aires, Terminal offers high quality services worldwide. Clients like Lamborghini, Bertolli, Visa, Rolex, Ducati and Heineken trust their campaigns to the experienced hands of the Terminal Production team. We have been featuring some of this work on Production Paradise Magazines over the last few years and we want to get to know them better, so we asked executive producer Luca Callori di Vignale  to tell us about challenging projects they worked on and the key behind their success.

Terminal Production for Ducati

Terminal Production for Ducati

Production Paradise: for the readers who do not know Terminal Production, can you tell us more about the start of the company and what are the main services you offer?

Terminal Production: we have been working in the international advertising market since 2000. We started off by representing a German Production Company, performing services for them mainly here in Italy. After a short while we became independent and started our own business, establishing a strong presence in both national and international markets. This puts us in the comfortable position of being able to offer added value to all our clients. Nationally, by introducing international standards to them, and approaching international clients with the knowledge of a partner adept at problem solving. This is our service – locally based, with knowledge of how to solve problems and create added value to an international standard.

Septwolves by Terminal Production

Production Paradise: one of the services you offer is location scouting. Can you tell us some of your favorite hidden locations in Italy?

Terminal Production: Sure, I would love to show you in person, because once I described them, they wouldn’t be hidden anymore! Don’t get me wrong, I am only saying that, based on the fact Production Paradise has a lot of readers and users, by telling you my favorite locations they could became very crowded all of a sudden…!


Terminal Production for Lamborghini

Production Paradise: As a production company you have to face difficult requests. What was the most challenging production you ever worked on?

Terminal Production: Since we consider ourselves problem solvers, each production by itself is a challenge, but certainly our eight-day shoot in Argentina for Tudor was very challenging. We shot right across the whole country from the mountains in Salta to the outstanding waterfalls in Iguazu before reaching the stormy coast of Mar del Plata. And it was particularly challenging to shoot at 3000 m altitude in the world heritage location of the Dolomites.

 Dolomiti by Terminal Productions
Production Paradise: Despite the hard work you have to put into each project, you go to beautiful places and work with a lot of creative people. Is this the best part of being a production company?

Terminal Production: You are absolutely right: the combination of outstanding people and beautiful locations is the key to our business, which means that you have to be very sharp minded to not lose sight of your aim and get distracted by all these great circumstances, because at the end of the day you have to deliver an outstanding product.
Notes d’Amour byTerminal Production

Production Paradise: Terminal Production has offices in Italy and Argentina. Do you have plans to expand to more countries?

Terminal Production: We live in a sharing economy, and sharing is definitely a quality that we are aiming for. This means that having more basecamps in different countries today is most probably no longer that necessary. It is more about creating contacts and relations in order to offer selected partners the possibility to show up with exactly what the client is looking for. Our network is very solid and concrete exactly for this reason. And of course our headquarters in Bologna which are based on over 200 square meters gives us the perfect location in which to host our clients.


Terminal Production for Mercedes

Production Paradise: Terminal Production can now name Mercedes, Samsung and Lamborghini among others, as clients. Was it difficult to get noticed by big international brands at the very beginning? Is it easier to get assignments now that you have a solid client list in your portfolio?

Terminal Production: Yes – to be honest, it was very difficult and it took a big effort especially because we are completely independent. Sure, having these kinds of clients on your credit list helps a lot, but every client still wants to be treated as a major brand – so all projects are, in their own way, very challenging and demanding.
phototerminalproductionTerminal Production for Unieuro

Production Paradise: In which way would you say that Production Paradise has helped you to promote your services internationally?

Terminal Production: This interview will show the results! Honestly, we believe that Production Paradise is a very high quality information platform so the benefits of being a member are more than evident.

Lotteria by Terminal Production

We would like to thank Terminal Production for taking the time to speak with us. You can learn more about Terminal Production on their website and on Spotlight Services for Photo & Film and Showcase Italy magazines.


If you want to show off your latest work to the industry in the next edition of Production Paradise’s Spotlight or Showcase magazine, contact us now at or

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