About transmitting a company’s DNA to a picture with Shire’s Head of Corporate Communications Yvonne Moeller


Yvonne Moeller, Head of Corporate Communications at Shire and Corporate & Industrial Photography Category judge at Spotlight Awards tells us about transmitting a company’s DNA to a picture, the latest trends in corporate photography, and more.

Yvonne Moeller, Head of Corporate Communications at Shire

Production Paradise: Could you give us some insight into your background and your journey to becoming head of Corporate Communications at Shire?
Yvonne Moeller: Not that I planned it in such a way, but it worked all out quite nicely over the past 20+ years for me. Starting at an advertising & PR agency in Berlin communication always fascinated me, all aspects of it, internal and external communications.
Working with the graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and writers was great. Building the bridge between the client and the creator helped me loads later in my career, to understand what suppliers need from me as a client to deliver what we / corporate, had in mind.
With global, regional and local responsibilities mainly in healthcare industry jobs, I can see and understand my role from various perspectives.

Production Paradise: What made you want to be a judge on the panel?
Yvonne Moeller: Curiosity and wanting to be part of this great venture.

Production Paradise: What is it about Corporate photography that appeals to you?
Yvonne Moeller: When a photographer manages to translate the company’s or product’s DNA in a picture, that is the best possible scenario that one can ask for. This requires skill and practice. I am curious to find out what images we will see.

Production Paradise: What are some of the trends that you see in Corporate imagery?
Yvonne Moeller: Real people. Companies tend to be more open to new ideas by creatives. Some really are going beyond what was possible before. This is great.

Production Paradise: What sort of images would you like to see in the competition?
Yvonne Moeller: Maybe new approaches. Imagery which catch me in my tracks and make me say – wow!

Production Paradise: What are you looking for in a photographer?
Yvonne Moeller: Trust and understanding. Of the company, and what we try to deliver to our customers. Do your homework, please!

Production Paradise: In what ways do you think Production Paradise Spotlight Awards could benefit photographers?
Yvonne Moeller: Awareness, reaching a new worldwide corporate audience and finally great exposure.

Yvonne will be judging Spotlight Awards along with over 50 other judges. If you want to participate – hurry up! The submissions close on 25th July.

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