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Italian Photographer and Film producer Alberto Narduzzi shares with us the experience of producing Proraso’s TV Commercial. This campaign became so famous and successful that we couldn’t stay back and needed to find out everything about it.

Proraso campaign was originally conceived by Michele Proraso Moscon and Anna De Biasi of the Red White & Green Agency and was created by Alberto Narduzzi and Andrea Moro.  The work has had a very good distribution on national and international networks. Its success is due to being well directed, use of clever lighting, perfect locations and of course Italian quality.


Many advertisers have defined the commercial to be elegant and very effective, it has also won prizes in competitions (Communication, Arts NC Awards, Vimeo, Video of the Week, Baker Tilly Revisa, Key Award, Gran Prix della Pubblicit, Il Sole 24 Ore) and has been reviewed as work of art of each nations character.

Proraso – Backstage Campagna comunicazione tv / web 2014 from Alberto Narduzzi on Vimeo.

Alberto Narduzzi: We are a two person production team that has produced a great filmic work which was affordable and therefore of great satisfaction for the agency and the client. The team did not require big budgets nor expensive film productions. I was selected among several photographers and not the filmmakers, due to my book of interior décor and for my lighting experience and my portfolio. The Proraso customer has, from a commercial point of view, found the product and the advertising very effective, for this reason, I have been confirmed for the next production which will commence in June 2015.



I am very proud of the quality of our work even though it has been achieved with a low budget and a small team, Andrea Moro and I, with our own photographic equipment (Black Magic camera, optics and lights), as can be seen on the backstage video. We travelled with the equipment to all of the five locations, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris and New York.


We set up the lights, the camera and the dolly in each of the locations, we also provided the audio recordings directly on set with the protagonists who were not actors but the barber shops owners themselves.

One of many interesting aspects, was the different behavior of each barber, not always easy to deal with and sometimes even quite moody.
It was a very hard work because we had just one day per location and we had to complete the photographic campaign, produce the film for the 30 seconds advert and documentary, but somehow, we found the time to cut Andrea’s hair and beard at Chris’s Barber shop in London.

We recorded the audio on-location and then assembled and mixed by Bottega Sound of Alessandria.

Spot Proraso – 30″ from Alberto Narduzzi on Vimeo.

The editing work was done once we returned to Italy with Andrea Moro.
The format is easy to apply to other customers, thanks to its low budget, a small team to cover all the roles including film direction, DOP and editing and with no production company and rental material costs.

Thanks to the high quality of the work, the format is becoming of interest to advertising agency which see it as an opportunity to recover profit margins.
A few days ago, we met Michele Moscon and Antonio Leone from Red White & Green Agency to discuss the new locations for the next adv. We’re considering Barber shops around the world and for the moment the preferred locations are Moscow, Sweden, Spain and Japan.

We would like to thank Alberto Narduzzi for taking the time to talk to us. More of his work you can find in Production Paradise or his website. Narduzzi and other Milan based directors are listed in our directory.

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