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ArcticON Productions specialises in full-service film production and photography in Iceland and Greenland. Services include short films and features, commercials, music videos, photo shoots, documentaries, TV segments, concerts, events and workshops. Here we got the chance to have a chat with ArcticON’s very own Inga Lisa.

Production Paradise: When did you start with your business, how long have you been in the industry?

Well … I am not sure actually about when … it started by supporting my friends an epic sharks producers in LA and a big names filmmakers in Hollywood. I would guess roughly 3 years ago as a fun because on this time I was running my consulting company, taking care of the Stock Department in the biggest Icelandic bank and also teaching business classes at a few Universities in Iceland. I love multitasking!

At first all I did was listening crazy inspiring backstage stories about their past production experience during our dinners, wrote with them some unique proposals, gave feedback and created costs estimates according to their script. The most interesting was to come up with the Killer proposal for Vogue, Hugo Boss, Vodka, Gucci or BMW car campaigns and commercial and plan secret shipping by ferry to Iceland. Very soon I discovered that it is my passion because I could use all my knowledge, education, connections on different production fields in Iceland. It is such a creative production paradise for me 24/7 … think about it … to write an epic car proposal, block a dramatic and impressive roads, have fun with cool international production partners and get paid for it ! Don´t feel “at work” at all.

Production Paradise: How did you start doing what you do, what inspired you?

Well … for sure live is a big creative and inspiring journey …I love adventures and now I am not just watching them on TV, cinema or reading about them in books – now I am creating and producing my own photo and film stories daily and supporting others to produce theirs in Iceland and Greenland.

My “office” is very often the glacier lagoon, black sand beach, stunning moss mountains, ice caves or all of them together by taking helicopter ride and jumping between production projects I am taking care of on the same time. The last week I was blocking the main spectacular roads in Iceland for one car campaign and producing commercial at hot springs – extremely unique diving proposal.

Funny thing is – I am sure it is deep deep passion I have been carrying with me. When I was asked at 5 years old ´what I am going to do when I grow up´, I said I am going to be “a big global artist” but sadly it was not “correct “answer” according to my father – who is Supreme Court lawyer and judge. Since I remember me I was always painting, drawing and telling stories by my art. So … to make my father proud and happy I got all my 6 university degree! I am very grateful today for all this education because it is priceless for me to have all this background to be able successfully run my company by using my education and experience on business, leadership, marketing and branding, teaching and psychologist field. My daily mission is a local production support to all talented international partners and the perfect way to create and use my passion for art.


Production Paradise: What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

I love all mix and production service sections because every day and project are unique – it´s very creative and challenging process that takes you from the idea to the final production outcome.

I really enjoy being inspiring mentor too and have discovered my way to give back and grow on production and supporting field. My epic mission and exciting goal is to open Adventure Center-School in Iceland and it is something I have been developing for the last 2 years. I got already a lot attention like from TED Talk to tell more about this brand new model, after Harvard started to use some of my created a pioneer business models in their teaching books and I have giving some lectures the last 4 years as a guest lector. I was the first in Iceland to offer inspiring fashion, commercial, landscape photography, gourmet and yoga adventure workshops and events with international leaders and hosts. This service section is growing very fast and I produce over 27 adventure workshops and events every year. Now I feel the right step to take this concept to the next level and to open spring 2015 an official ArcticON Adventure Center at the world´s most powerful Geysers. It is the best located accommodation in Iceland and I am using it today as one of our production branch

We are going to offer exchange programs too for many private photography, filming, art, surfing and etc schools and academies who will send their students for 1-3 weeks adventure driven program to Iceland by offering credits. We are dealing and looking after a strong sponsors, collaboration partners, international leaders, hosts and mentors, companies who are interested to send their stuff for intensive training or relaxing experience, MICE or team building at impressive Adventure Center.

Adventure Center Concept is very interesting and smart: we focus on adventure and experience, combine like photography (fashion, landscape, car commercial shooting as it was real production blocking the roads and etc), treatments like yoga, all kind of activities as surfing or ice walk and add leadership and motivation to the top on it. Our philosophy is based on idea “learning by doing” and becoming one big family for 5-20 days. Most of our workshop and event guests are followers of international leaders and want to get inspired by staying close to them in small groups like 12 persons together. International leaders have ton of followers who are looking after to learn something new and to have a fun time together.

Each workshop and event is tailor made and unique. We travel together on monster luxury truck and explore the arctic exotic locations. If it is with focus on commercial photography workshop we play photo shoot like it was the real car or fashion campaign by blocking impressive roads, shooting models at ice caves and having conference meeting, editing and having awesome time after dinner by hunting Aurora Borealis or just hanging together and sharing our experience at cosy country hotels.

A value for our guests/the clients is fantastic – they are a part of an amazing adventure, creative outstanding portfolio to promote them self to get ton on future jobs, all of them gets diploma for attending our workshops and events. Some equipment labels are interested to send their clients to Iceland for training, a new type of camera or lens like Phase One, Sony or others we are discussing our collaboration. It is a perfect opportunity for them to promote and get in direct contact with the future clients.

Tommy Hilfiger commercial

Tommy Hilfiger commercial

Production Paradise: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in your professional career, or who were you most excited to work with?

I would say that I am very lucky one because in most of production is in my hands to decide how I will produce, it is creative and challenging task every time – we have endless dramatic and stunning locations in Iceland. The most inspiring for me in each production or workshop is rediscovering our passion for nature every time; its overwhelming beauty where the coolest guys start to cry by sitting at Glacier Lagoon coast because of how impressive it is. All warm memories, fun and creative atmosphere of talents I supporting gives me so much.

Adventure Center is going to get my focus for the next 3-4 months and I am very excited to inspire and educate a very bigger audience who is waiting for this kind of experience and adventure. It is also a great opportunity for every one to collaborate with us. We are making contracts for the next 2-4 years so it is perfect time to get in touch with us to see how we can work together. It is win win option for everyone.

Production Paradise: What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement?

So far … For me to discover and be aware that there are no limits to create something outstanding and to make a change by talking to the audience worldwide. Media and art are very inspiring tools if you know how to use them.

Here is an example, I wrote a script for “Arctic Hero” Greenland terrific adventure series. For me it was unreal, not an option to show on BBC, TNT, NatGeo or others broadcasters. However, commitment to the goal and a very strong belief that I will let it happen was my motivation. I could find a way to combine entertainment and “wake up call” about global warming in my treatment. Now I having a luxury problem because were are a few very big networks who want to broadcast this epic episodes and be my production partners.

I am sure Adventure Center will be one of my biggest professional achievement because already now many social media channels are interested to hear more about this cool concept. I asked for one year – want to develop it and be extremely proud of it.


Production Paradise: What resources do you use to promote your work?

After I got listed on Production Paradise (just a few months ago) I have gotten a couple of a very big production proposals, like for Hugo Boss, Armani and a few car campaigns – the last one was BMW, so in saying that, the platform of Production Paradise is an epic place for every one on production field to get listed on it. (Editor’s Note: See her work on Spotlight International Production & Services for Photo and Film)

The most of my collaboration partners are listed on Production Paradise and according to them it helps a lot to get work offers.

I do not promote my work so much or at all. Of course we update Instagram account 

Today is all about speed and effective work. For me is very important to deliver my work and services perfectly. Every thing I do is followed by passion so I am sure every one around me is aware about it.

I do not need any more listings, I let Production Paradise to take care of it. After each project I get outstanding feedback from my clients whom I can call my friends.

The best kind of promotion is definitely word of mouth so I take this seriously and make sure I offer extremely personal and tailor made quotes, based on budget service.

I treat all my photo and film guests very well and make them feel special to me. Because when they are happy – I am happy

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

I think first and last it is that I believe that PP is the best place to be listed for this kind of production industry. It is easy and clear – straight to the point listing website that is comprised of quality- not quantity and I like it a lot. (Editor’s Note: She will be featured in the Spotlight International Locations, coming out in December 2014)

Production Paradise: Have you made any interesting connections through Production Paradise?

My philosophy is to build long term collaborative deals worldwide and to offer Iceland and Greenland as a very good option for a bigger production projects shot in a few countries, like campaign, doc film or music video. I got a few a very strong partners on photo shoot and car TV commercial production field. So, yes for sure – PP is the best option in production industry.

Production Paradise: Any interesting anecdotes that happened to you recently?

Many and it happens daily. Humor is my best friend and panic is not an option. Where endless interesting stories to share about how challenging and fun to produce at the world most photogenic utopiu. You should take a look at some posts on Instagram account illustrated by on location photos snap. Crazy funny stories, like male supermodel Edward Wilding asking to take a pic of him in Adam outfit on location on the main road in Iceland and in the same time a presidents car passing by with some international consuls group or we go for together with one big model to the biggest shopping mall in Iceland to by some socks for her and where is no way to escape from all cool guys who want to say hello. One more funny sample: because of the day light 24 hours in summer fall we do sometimes a night production to get really dramatic backdrop like at black sand beach. Can you imagine how hungry all crew is when we arrive at hotel after shooting at 7 AM and where is no way to get warm dinner because all hotel guests starting their breakfast. Try to say to hot blood Italian crew! Or after we are ready to shoot epic Gucci campaign on the top of the glacier photographer from NYC discovers he has left his memory cards at home and we need to call my helicopter guys to bring a new ones. It is never boring only awesome challenging fun and outstanding outcome.

Production Paradise: What do you think is the future of this industry?

I believe there are many interesting ways to develop production service and stay fresh and unique by offering extra value to production guests. For my company is number one is to keep offer excellent personal ASAP service. It is very simple “I sell exotic locations and pro local support service”. I do my best and provide the best local crew for filming or photo shoot cost effective production service.

We are so busy and our production schedule is already pretty full for the next 3 years, both in local service and in all kind of projects we are developing with an awesome international partners like photographer on commercial field Chris Burkard who is used to shoot airborne, underwater and in extreme Arctic outdoors locations. We are producing one or two years wow projects like “Glacier Rivers” photo book, worldwide exhibitions, Arctic Photography Expedition in Greenland or multi project with Bjork singer summer 2015. We focus on extreme and stunning landscapes Iceland and Greenland have to offer.


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