Avocado 360º on the Edge of a Revolution – Interview with a 360º video and panorama production company


How we experience photography is constantly evolving. Avocado is at the edge of that revolution with the creation of Avocado 360, their new branch on VR and 360º photography. They have changed the viewers’ experience by producing innovative visual content for all digital platforms. Avocado 360 has extensive experience delivering high quality and cost-effective creative media solutions including photography, art buying, production and interactive services worldwide.

We wanted to know more about the company that is leading the (r)evolution within this industry. Read on to learn about the latest trends and new technology in 360º photography, 180° stereo view, virtual reality and more.

Production Paradise: Avocado is one the best known photographers’ agents and production companies in Europe – a few years ago you went one step furher and created Avocado 360, and started offering the service of 360º digital content – what was the idea behind this project?

Avocado 360: The visual content we use is more and more digital. It’s not only the 360° material, which of course you cannot print, but also all the photographic images on digital screens. 360° and 180° stereo view are completely new ways to experience visual content on screens or with VR goggles. After more than 25 years in the “traditional” photo business, the time has come to go ahead in the future of content production. As an agent and production company we know that exploring new trends and technologies is imperative to stay in the business.

Production Paradise: This technology has multiple applications, and I guess will have many more in the future – can you give us a few examples?

Avocado 360: First, let me explain all the different technologies which are used now and in the near future. First, the photo 360° panorama that is currently working on all gadgets and on all platforms; it is mostly used to present interiors and real estate – here are some examples of usages on real estate and tourism.

360° videos are the next big thing, and are now supported by YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook and other lesser known platforms. This will boost the production of 360° videos, which are already beeing used on advertising, reportages and storytelling.

360° Video awarded with European Exellence Award/ Public Affairs 2017, UBS Optimus Foundation: Going the last mile VR 360

Something Google, Facebook and YouTube are currently talking about for the future are the 180° real 3D videos and augmented reality, which combines the real world with the virtual world. This will open many new possibilities.

Production Paradise: You’ve managed to build an experience not only for the companies you work with but also for their clients – could you tell us more about the stadium virtual tours?

Avocado 360: Stadium tours are a very good example of the most practical usage of 360° panoramas. All the stadiums around the globe have the same problem: first, offering their VIP lounges to clients – also when there are no games on the air; the stadiums have many rooms and locations that are empty during the week. These rooms are perfect for events and other commercial usages. Nothing is more efficient than the 360° panoramas to present and promote those locations.

When purchasing a ticket for a game or concert online, the question comes up: where is the best location, the one with the best view? The ticketing connected with 360° panoramas helps finding the best possible seat. Here you can see the examples of St. Jacob Park, FC Basel and EVZArena.

Production Paradise: You have worked on many different projects, from stadiums to hotels; what has been your most challenging project to date?

Avocado 360: Our most challenging project was Tages Anzeiger – interactive reportage from The Plaine Morte Glacier in Swiss Alps. Outside it was minus 25 degrees, inside – dark and silent. We had no idea what to expect, nor how dangerous it was. Nevertheless, the journey was worth it!

Production Paradise: Among your strengths are your use of technology and the versatility of your team, but how do you keep up-to-date with the latest technology in order to deliver the best experience to your clients?

Avocado 360: Now – and this is the real challenge – every 3-4 months we see changes and new features in technology, software and equipment. This is one of the reasons we work with highly motivated partners; having one person with all the knowledge is simply not possible: you need the best professionals in their fields, only this way we can offer the best experience to our clients.

360° Advertising Video, Rigi 360 VR experience

Production Paradise: Working around the globe, you’ve worked on a lot of different projects. Is there one particular project or sector you would like to work on in the future?

Avocado 360: We just filmed a 360° corporate video; it is a very challenging way to film having many people around, at a factory or office building. The previews look exciting and very different to the standard corporate video. These types of 360° videos are something we will specialise in, and, of course, augmented reality which is next on the horizon!

Production Paradise: How useful is Production Paradise for your company?

Avocado 360: Production Paradise is an important platform for us, where we are able to get the best exposure worldwide. It is also an excellent platform to find the best service suppliers (3D artists, assistants, stylists, etc.). In addition, we use it to get inspired by other professionals within the industry.

We would like to thank Urs Wyss from Avocado 360 for the insights of this industry and sharing their impressive knowledge. To see more of their portfolio, visit their website or check their member page on Production Paradise.

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