Award winning photographer Antonio Chagin: Why the United States is the place for photography


For more than 20 years the Miami based Antonio Chagin has been working as a commercial photographer shooting architecture, interiors and still life. He won several awards for his work like the American Photography Award or Best Foreign Photographer in Spain. With his team at ACH Digital Photography he’s providing professional services when it comes to location logistics, styling and of course photography with all its latest digital techniques. With his experience and the capabilities of his team he brings out the best of any object, whether buildings, products or food. We had the pleasure to talk to Antonio about his photography, his background and his success.

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Production Paradise: Your fascination for architectural photography and buildings is obvious. How and when did that start?

Antonio Chagin: A group of friends in the neighbourhood were studying architecture at college and that influence me to do so as well. Most of my projects weren’t very good but I used photography to complement them and that brought the attention of my Expression teacher who told me that I should be better of studying photography. I didn’t last too long there and went into photography school.

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Production Paradise: You moved from Caracas to Miami. What was the reason for this and how did it affect your career path?

Antonio Chagin: I spent 4 years in the United States when I was taking photography as a mayor in San Francisco, ever since then I wanted to come back, never really thought it would be Miami, but for many reasons now this is the place for me. Miami is in expanding mode and I’m coupling very well into that. I feel like a fish in water!


Production Paradise: What is the difference between working in Venezuela and working in USA?

Antonio Chagin: If ever there was a place for photography that is United States. There is always something going on in the main cities. I feel needed and nourished. The medium and what it represents is respected and you can charge accordingly.

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Production Paradise: You have won numerous photography awards, which one is most important for you and why?

Antonio Chagin: Preston Publications Award 1999 represents the first important recognition for my photography, encouraging me to pursue a deeper understanding of the media. It was published in Photo Techniques Magazine July/August 1999.

Production Paradise: What is it you look for when shooting Still Life?

Antonio Chagin: There are two type of good images; the good ones and the magical ones. That is what I look for. After composing and lighting the set, I ask myself: do you feel something magic in it? That is when I’m done.

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Production Paradise: How important is social media like Facebook and especially Instagram for your work?

Antonio Chagin: Well as many experts in social media recommend, don’t engaged in more than 2 at a time. The thing with social media is that not all of them are work for you. Engage in the ones that do, in my case Instagram and Linkedin. I tend to favour Instagram because is based on images and people see exactly what you want to transmit. Also it reaches a vast audience that is all over the world.

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Production Paradise: How does Production Paradise support your work as a Photographer?

Antonio Chagin: Well before Internet existed, there were photographers representative agents in the mayor cities and they would knock on people’s doors selling your work. Production Paradise is the aftermath of this and they knock on many people’s doors with a well designed e-mail blast that reach not only your own city but many others around the world.

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We would like to thank Antonio Chagin for taking the time to talk to us about his work. Find more information about Antonio on his website or on Production Paradise. You can also find more Miami-based photographer in our Miami Directory.

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