Award-winning photographer Tarun Khiwal on finding your own signature style and more


Tarun Khiwal started his professional career as an engineer but now he is India’s leading fashion photographer. Tarun is recognised and featured internationally, and he is the only Indian photographer to receive a Hasselblad Masters Award. Tarun’s experimental style and finesse transformed fashion photography in India, giving it a global edge through his unmistakable sense of heritage and pride in his own culture, which he combined with the technical and artistic sophistication of modern photography and crafted his own signature style.

Working as a photographer for over two decades, Tarun still finds his job challenging. ”I guess if there are no challenges left then one should leave photography,” – he says.

We had the pleasure to interview him and to hear about his sources of inspiration, his biggest challenges and much more:

Having a unique style is not easy in the photography business, but Tarum has definitely found his way: “If you bring in your childhood experiences, the way that life is treating you right now, you are getting inspired by life around you. That can only happen if you are open to it. And if you bring it all into your work, that’s when work starts looking very unique and you have a personal signature style.”

We would like to thank Tarun for taking some time to talk with us. You can see his work in several issues of our Showcase India, including one of the cover stories.

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