Bangkok: Directory and Showcase debut



Alena Tsimoshyna – Bazaar Beauty

Welcome to Bangkok, capital city of Thailand.

Known as Southeast Asia’s most exotic and successful production destination, we introduce you to the debut issue of Showcase Bangkok, as well as the launch of the Bangkok directory for photography and film.

As Bangkok gains more and more recognition as the number one destination for travellers with its magnificent beaches and stunning cultural monuments, it provides as the perfect location for the visual media industry.


Chamni’s Eye – L’Oreal

There are various reasons as to why professionals have opted to go to Bangkok to produce their work. Firstly, it proves very cost effective, and a typical production can save about one third compared to the equivalent in the United States and Europe. Secondly, international crews from both photo and film are drawn to Bangkok for its professional crews, production services and beautiful locations, in addition to its world class sound stages.

This Showcase features many talents from make-up artist Alena Tsimoshyna, whose work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, photographer Cedric Arnold, who has had over a decade’s worth of experience organising shoots and is fluent in French, Thai and English, to Samui Productions, whose work has graced the cover of Condé Nast Traveller.


Samui Productions – Condé Nast Traveller


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