Barcelona as a source of inspiration and betting on young talent with Zapping Produccions


Barcelona native Zapping Produccions produces all types of audiovisual work, including commercials, documentaries, music videos and feature films. The Spanish production company is specialised in producing creative content and digital projects as well as supporting production services. Zapping shoots in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and the Canary Islands. We sat down with Patrick, Executive Producer at Zapping, to get to know what having a production company in Barcelona is like.

Production Paradise: You guys are based in Barcelona, just like us! What advantages do you see in having your production company in Barcelona?

Patrick: When I founded Zapping Produccions our main client was MANGO and of course, they are based in Catalonia, and the city of Barcelona gave us everything we needed to generate a lot of content for the brand. From the sea, to the mountains, a variety of streets, buildings and deserts that other national capitals do not have. We also saw that the best suppliers in the country were also based in Barcelona and this made national and international productions much easier.

The sector has obviously transformed, as we did with them, and to be able to offer a better service to our clients, it’s been a year since we are based in Madrid too, and we have external producers in Mallorca and the Canary Islands.

Production Paradise: How did Zapping Produccions get its name? Please give us a short summary of Zapping’s origins.

Patrick: As I have just mentioned, Zapping Produccions has already started with a customer such as MANGO, and we were also working for public bodies. Since I started my first studies in the audiovisual sector, I have been working for a large number of production companies. I was going back and forth, working as a sound technician, a video technician and an editor.

I began to be fascinated with the idea of starting a project from scratch with the client, developing it together with them and a team and being able to improve it. That was the moment I decided to create Zapping Produccions. The name comes from the “here to there”, the fact that to know about production you have to know about many other audiovisual subjects. I chose Zapping “Produccions”, using the Catalan term, out of respect for the land where I studied and grew up. Although now with the more global world I would maybe go for “Productions”. But I never thought that Zapping Produccions could go so far.


Production Paradise: What kind of experience does the team of directors and photographers have?

Patrick: Perhaps Zapping Produccions (and myself) is one of the few production companies that has always trusted the talent of young directors and photographers in this country from day one. For example, I “discovered” talents like Daniel Fortuny, Gerard Montero, Luis Germanó, Laura Martinova and the great Paco Caballero. Our dear Paco is now working on big advertising campaigns and shooting two films, as well as developing a series for Netflix this year. A rock star like Pedro B. Abreu, whom I discovered when he was 24 and offered his first music video when he was 25, now has more than 200 million views in his videos, and aesthetically he is a wonder. Now we also continue to bet on new talent like Curro Bernabeu,Jordi Capdevila, Joan Bosch,Carlos Durrif,Hernán Cabo  and others. Besides betting on filmmakers like Roser Aguilar, Pau Teixidor or Oriol Paulo, some geniuses on the big screen, who at the moment are only asking me for them abroad.

We have shot in all sectors of advertising: cars, clothing, jewelery, food, for major brands including Volkswagen, MANGO, Nestlé, etc., with big budgets and other more modest ones. But always offering unbeatable quality and service.

And as customers demand more and more styles, our family has been growing and we have a wide variety of directors and photographers.

But always with a premise: the commitment and the communication with the team/client is the first thing.


Production Paradise: What does a typical day look like?

Patrick: The first thing is to coordinate or budget the projects that are on the table.

The second thing is to look for ways to improve our way of working on productions, with new talents and collaborators.

And the third is to keep an eye on our sector (and we love doing it) by finding some time to watch as many high-quality projects (films, series, etc.) as we can, as there is less and less time to enjoy them.


Production Paradise: Zapping Produccions specialises on advertising but also produces music videos and short films. Can you name one of the team’s proudest projects? Why?

Patrick:  As I said a moment ago, looking back, I feel very proud of having trusted young, talented and good people like Pedro B. Abreu or Paco Caballero.

With Pedro B. Abreu I have made music videos that have set new trends and are still influential, and some of them have over 200 million views. Also short films with Paco Caballero that were trending topic, such as “Cheque Polvo”; thanks to this short film we were called by an advertising agency to make a McDonald’s ad with a celebrity.

That said, talent has no boundaries. And even if you make a personal piece, you always, always have to work very hard and put a lot of love into it.

Production Paradise: What are some trends on advertising that you have noticed?

Patrick: A few years ago, along with directors, we decided to keep the narrative close to the characters – and that has become the trend now. We thought advertising had to engage viewers, it had to become more real, more palpable, telling stories and making people feel identified with the character, adding value to the brand. This is what the greats of advertising, such as Toni Segarra (IKEA, BMW or EVAX) or Oriol Villar (Estrella Damm, Bankinter or Nike) are working on now.

Production Paradise: It’s 2020! Meaning new decade, new projects, new inspirations. What’s in store for 2020 for Zapping?

Patrick: Well, for Zapping Produccions it means new challenges, new friends with whom to share our passion for advertising. And a coffee or a beer, of course! That is why we have come to love this industry.

Production Paradise: What have you found the most useful being a Production Paradise member?

Patrick: One of the first premises for us as a production company is quality, and without a doubt Production Paradise, for me, excels at that.

We would like to thank Patrick for taking the time to share his experience with us! If you want to see more of Zapping Produccions work, visit their member page or their website.

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