Beauty and Hair through the lens of top photographers


Capturing the detail of beauty and hair through photography allows us to truly appreciate the incredible human body. Through the Beauty and Hair Spotlight Magazine top photographers can flaunt their work’s depiction of beauty and hair for all to appreciate. With our May 2017 edition expect stunning shots bringing hair to life and enhancing beauty further.

In the meantime, why not take a look through some of the most stunning previously featured beauty and hair photography images?

Photographer: Charles Howells, Auckland

Photographer: Elise Dumontet, London


Photographer: Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Los Angeles


Photographers: Sonja Gutschera and Leif Henrik Osthoff, Berlin


Photographer: Felix Rachor, Berlin


Photographer: Dirk Bader, Munich


Photographer: Leo Krumbacher, rep. by Klein Photographen, Hamburg


Photographer: Martin Sweers, Amsterdam


Photographer: Ssam Kim, New York


Photographer: Lieven Dirckx, Brussels

You can find these and many more professional beauty photographers and hair photographers on our directory. Be sure to subscribe to the next Beauty and Hair Spotlight to ensure you don´t miss out!

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