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Aleetha Clanton is a freelance hairstylist & makeup artist based in New York City. Her passion, creativity, understanding of client needs and geometric shapes and avant-garde looks make Aleetha stand out from the rest of industry professionals. Thanks to her hard work, she spreads her creativity to all advertising, editorial, celebrity, fashion, television, theatrical and commercial clients such as NBC Universal, Macy’s, Avon, NY Post, and Night Walker.

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Production Paradise: What do you love most about make-up?

Aleetha: I love how makeup can enhance an individual’s beauty. Makeup can be very natural or very dramatic depending on what the concept or occasion calls for. The many different colors used in makeup can make creativity endless.

Production Paradise: How did you get your start in the industry?

Aleetha: I started in this industry as an actress/model along with my identical twin sister. We appeared on the Tyra Banks Talk Show in 2007. I was later recognized for my hair and makeup talent at a beauty photoshoot. After that I slowly switched roles and started doing hair and makeup. This was a passion of mine of years so I ran with the opportunity.

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Production Paradise: Which photographer, filmmaker or designer have you most enjoyed working with and on what campaign?

Aleetha: I have enjoyed working with several photographers! I really enjoyed working for NBC Universal with photographer James Stenson. We worked on a photoshoot for the famous London reality show “Made in Chelsea.” He has great energy and is very efficient!

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Production Paradise: If you had to select one image to represent your make-up work, which would it be?

Aleetha: I love everything about this image. The makeup I did is simple but very powerful. The model also has great facial features and she nailed it with the pose.

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Production Paradise: What’s the most useful beauty advice you would give to anyone?

Aleetha: I would tell anyone that less is more when it comes to makeup and hair. Beauty comes from within and will reflect the most.

Production Paradise: Women in this day and age are as busy as ever; what is the easiest/ quickest way to turn a day or work look into something that works for a night out?

Aleetha: Women should always have a basic pallet which contains beige, brown, bronze, gold, and black eyelid shades. Adding those colors on a lid can instantly make a day look turn into a night out.

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Production Paradise: How has being a Production Paradise member helped you with you work?

Aleetha: I joined Production Paradise in June 2014. Within the first 2 weeks I was working with International brands and building great business relationships. Being a Production Paradise member has allowed me to expand my brand globally in ways that I could have never imagine. I often check my analytical reports and can visually see that i am reaching a broader network of creative individuals. I am a proud member.

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We would like to thank Aleetha Clanton for her time and for accepting being in our Blog Interview. More of her work you can find on Production Paradise and her website.

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