Become a member of Production Paradise – frequently asked questions

1. Why become one of our members?

We´ve got 200,000 registered art buyers, creative directors, producers, directors, agents, corporate clients, marketing services, magazine and book publishers with one thing in common: they all use Production Paradise to search for people like you.

Google’s great, but trolling through pages of results to find the perfect hit is time-consuming and there´s no guarantee of success. That´s why our subscribers use Production Paradise – they know that the quality and professionalism of Production Paradise members is guaranteed.

2. How can I become a member?

As a curated and paid professional service, we only accept and highlight the world’s finest talents and facilitate them to connect with the right audience/clients globally! Production Paradise is exclusive to commercial, advertising and fashion creatives and the services providers who support them.

To apply to become a member just fill in our form.

3. Is there a membership cost?

Yes membership are paid on a yearly basis. Our creative consultant team will talk to you about the different options which can start from a simple listing on our site to full visibility to our network of subscribers, social media boosts, coaching, etc.

4. I filled out the become a member form with all my information, but I’m not visible on the site yet, why is that?

The form notifies our team and a creative director will review your work. If your submission is accepted you will be contacted by one of our team member who will be able to give you more information and personal advice about membership options and how to maximise your presence on Production Paradise.

5. I want to be found on your website and featured in your magazines, how do I do that?

Our local representative will always have a good look at your work and give you the options that are best adapted to your portfolio and speciality. All packages that include a magazine feature automatically include a one year listing on our website.

6. I don’t want to be featured in a magazine, but I do want to become a member, how do I do that?

Although we strongly suggest our members to appear in our magazines, which guarantee an active form of promotion to our subscriber base, we also have a package that only includes a listing on our website. Your listing includes your contact information, links to your website and social media networks, an email address and 5 categories of your choice.

7. Can everyone become a member and feature in your magazines?

No, we specialise in advertising professionals offering their service to the photography and film industry. Production Paradise cannot cater to fine art, wedding, photojournalism, headshot or amateur photographers. However, you can still list for free on our sister company