Behind the Scenes at the Sony Cyber-shot Panorama Commercial with Shoot New Zealand!


For almost three decades, Shoot New Zealand has been assisting international film production companies to achieve their creative goals. As New Zealand’s first line production company, it has unparalleled knowledge and experience of every element required for a successful New Zealand production.

Shoot New Zealand’s commitment to its clients’ film projects draws on the experience gained from the successful production of more than 250 television commercial projects. The company has well and truly earned its reputation as New Zealand’s premier line production company.

Clients include RSA, Rattling Stick, Independent Films, Blink, Mirror, Form TV, Streetlight Films, MJZ, Radical Media, Premiere Heure, Neue Sentimental, Soup Film and Chelsea Films, to name but a few.

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  1. fantastic location.. i mean production!


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