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We are happy to announce our new sponsor Pixpa for the Emerging Talent & Students category for the Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence. Pixpa is an all-in-one platform for photographers to create and manage their portfolio on their website, e-commerce store, client proofing galleries and blogs easily without any coding knowledge. Pixpa helps photographers save time and money by empowering them to showcase, share and sell their work online easily using one seamless platform. We have had the chance to talk to the founder and CEO of Pixpa, Gurpreet Singh where he revealed how the company came about, the different benefits that come along with the product and tips on how emerging talents and students can break through in this extremely competitive creative market.

Production Paradise: You went from studying architecture to being a creative director. How has that history influenced you as a professional and how Pixpa came about?

Gurpreet Singh: My journey of studying architecture and then running my own design studio for over 15 years has indeed been the foundation on which Pixpa got built. As a student of design and then as a professional designer, showcasing my portfolio to the world was always a constant process for me. My portfolio took many forms over the year from a printed book to a PDF and then a website, but the process of putting together and updating my portfolio was always time-consuming and not easy at all. I got the same feedback from many of my friends, colleagues and collaborators. So much so, that as a design studio we created portfolio websites for several designers, photographers and artists. We started with using WordPress and other open-sources CMS platforms and eventually ended up creating a more focused, custom CMS for this purpose.

This was the starting point for Pixpa as it grew from there based on the feedback we got and my own personal experiences of managing my design portfolio. Now, Pixpa has grown into a product that empowers thousands of creative pros around the world to showcase, share and sell their work online easily.

Production Paradise: What is different about Pixpa and could you list all benefits that come along with a Pixpa’s membership?

Gurpreet Singh: With Pixpa, our focus has always been on creating an all-in-one platform that helps photographers and other creatives manage their complete online presence in one place. Most creatives are not coders and web developers, so we wanted to create a do-it-yourself platform that empowers them to create beautiful professional websites without any coding knowledge.

Here are some of the key features of Pixpa:

  • Mobile-friendly, responsive websites
  • Beautiful, customizable templates
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Built-in blogging tools
  • Full-featured Client proofing platform
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • No coding needed
  • Best-in-class hosting
  • Connect your domain name
  • SSL security on all websites
  • Pocket-friendly pricing plans
  • 24/7 support (email, phone, live chat)

Our mission is to empower creatives with the tools to create and manage a beautiful, professional online presence that’s easy to manage and cost-effective.

Production Paradise: You are one of our sponsors for our Emerging Talent & Student category. Could you share with us how your product benefits students and rising stars in photography?

Gurpreet Singh: Students and budding photographers need a professional photography portfolio website just as much as professional photographers. Most students or beginners tend to use free community platforms for hosting their portfolios. This gives them a cookie-cutter presence that deprives them of building their identity and presenting their portfolio is the best way possible.

A student with a professional portfolio website does stand a much better chance of making a great first impression on potential employers, colleges or clients.

This is where Pixpa steps in. We make it easy for students to create their professional online presence easily and effectively. We also offer 50% discounts on all our pricing plans to make it easier for students to put their best foot forward.

Production Paradise: We all know how difficult it is for photography students and talented people with no professional experience to break through in this extremely competitive creative market. What is the recipe for emerging photographic talents for success?

Gurpreet Singh: As an emerging photographic talent, you need to focus on two things:

  • Doing high-quality work
  • And generating exposure for your work.

Both are equally important ingredients for the recipe for success.

Production Paradise: Could you share with us what kind of products and packages you offer and if there is a free trial for photographers who still have not tried your product and services?

Gurpreet Singh: Here are Pixpa’s pricing plans:

Lite: $6 monthly or $60 annual (save 20%)

Starter: $10 monthly or $96 annual (save 20%)

Pro: $18 monthly or $180 annual (save 20%)

Plus: $25 monthly or $240 annual (save 20%)

Pixpa offers a free 15-day full-access trial. We also offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee on all new subscriptions.

Production Paradise: What would you say to the photography students and emerging talents that are considering applying to the Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence?

Gurpreet Singh: For photography students and emerging talents, the Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence presents the perfect opportunity to gain exposure and have the privilege of your work reviewed by some of the most influential creative decision-makers around the globe acting as the judges.

As Pixpa is a sponsor for our Emerging Talents & Students category in the Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence and the winner will receive a Pixpa Pro Annual subscription to prize worth USD 180 alongside many other incredible prizes for a new photographer looking to boost their career. In addition, all participants get 20% OFF for their products. You can use the coupon code: PIXPASPOT20.

Enter the awards today to win these great prizes and get your work seen by our illustrious judges’ panel with some of the top photo agents in the world, and more.

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