Brand New Highlights by Production Paradise presents Myles New – Passionate Food Photographer


We are happy to introduce our new feature: Highlights by Production Paradise and its first star – food and drink photographer from London, Myles New. See the video featuring a selection of Myles’ work (with backstage shots) and read about his experience working on this project, his photography career and more.

Our new feature highlights one photographer’s portfolio in a video format and peeks behind the scenes of the photoshoots, so the viewers can get an impression not only about their work, but also about the personality.

Production Paradise: How long have you been shooting?

Myles New: I’ve been shooting food for over 12 years. I had studied food in a previous life, so when photography had gone full circle and I discovered I could shoot food and understood what was going on in front of the camera as well as behind it – I had my eureka moment.

Production Paradise: Why food?

Myles New: I love food. I’ve always loved cooking and the food revolution that has happened over the past 15 years has made it cool and popular. The people I work with on a daily basis are passionate and lovely, all with a common love of food. It really is a wonderful subject matter and every day I enjoy finding new ways to keep it on trend and try to push the boundaries.

Production Paradise: How do you want to grow your business?

Myles New: I have been creating motion imagery more and more over the past few years, directing food sequences for some great clients. I will never let go of stills though – it’s so creative and experimental. I am busy, which I don’t ever take for granted, so I hope I continue to grow, keep solving problems and come up with new and exciting ways to show off food. Using portals like Production Paradise is a great way to get exposure.

Production Paradise: What was it like working with Production Paradise on the video?

Myles New: Fun. It’s simple and effective. We shot casually over a couple of shoots letting my assistants pick up the DSLR and go rogue. It has been smooth with Production Paradise allowing me to make a few changes and tweak a couple of things. I think this sort of social media promotion wants to feel casual and peek into my life in the studio and I love the casual (not too polished) feel they have put on it.

Production Paradise: Why do you list with Production Paradise?

Myles New: It’s a great portal. Their reach is wide and I get enquiries from all over the world. Not all come to something but that is not what it’s all about, its exposure and letting people know you’re out there so when you are right for someone they come knocking. Also it allows creatives to see what you’re like and that you’re someone they could work with – without drama and keeping it fun and creative.

We thank Myles for a fun time working on this video and for the interview. To see more of his work, check out Myles’ member page on Production Paradise and his website.  If you want to feature your work in our HIGHLIGHTS or Production Paradise magazines, get in touch!

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