Bringing creatives together: a talk with Production Paradise founder Andreas von Estorff


The past two months have had many changes in the industry and we are all trying to make the best out of the situation.

“As a company, we made a decision and said we will not step back and be silent, we will use this moment to be brave and inspire and motivate our members because we believe in a crisis there is always an opportunity,” – Andreas von Estorff.

In this chat with Andreas, we talked about how he started Production Paradise in 2002 and how it has now grown to be the world’s leading creative resource for the photo and film advertising industry. He also shared how Production Paradise helped its members during this pandemic and the importance of having an online presence now more than ever.

As the founder of Production Paradise but also, Andreas also discussed tips on how to successfully manage a team while working remotely and how to get the most out of each employee during this period.

Finally, he talked about Production Paradise’s 2020 Spotlight Awards, the amazing panel of judges who will be choosing the winning images, the different categories, and the prizes for the winners.

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