Building up successful careers for stylists and make up artists – Nina Klein and her vision


Based in Berlin – the city where being hipster is mainstream – Agent Nina Klein has always worked to develop her visions. Our multi-talented blog guest has created her own jewel line, is a dedicated mother for her daughter, works as business coach for women and runs her own agency for Stylists and Make Up Artists. After managing a make-up artist academy, some of her former students asked her to work as their agent, and that is how everything started.

Now Nina finds inspiration supporting her artists and developing their careers together with them, from the first job until they reach success.

Thanks to her former partner in Amsterdam, she discovered Production Paradise and built up her contact base, which is the name of the game in this business. Production Paradise helps Nina to show her talent’s work to potential new clients, but it is also very helpful when her artists need to find other creatives or services for photo productions, fashion editorials, etc.

“Production Paradise is a main part of our daily work – especially to work abroad and to spread the skills of our talents worldwide.” – Nina Klein

In this video interview you can learn more about her journey.
*to see English subtitles click on the subtitles option at the bottom right side on the video

We appreciate the time Nina spared for this interview and we invite you to see more about her on Nina Klein agency’s website and in our Germany Showcase Magazine, as well as in our directory for Berlin-based Stylist and Make Up Artists.

If you want to show off your latest work to the industry in the next edition of Production Paradise’s Spotlight or Showcase Magazines, contact us at or

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