Capture the moment with photographer Christian Burmester


Photographs have the ability to really grab our attention, today we give you the chance to see the world through Christian Burmester‘s eyes, an interior, travel,  people and lifestyle photographer who works for international interior and architectural magazines, advertising agencies, commercial clients, architects, designers and book publishers! Living in Sweden, Asia and nowadays based in Germany, Christian has developed his own photographic view. Read on and find out everything about his incredible work.


Production Paradise: What is it that fascinates you about People, Lifestyle and Interior photography? 

Christian: I love people, I love architecture and design and I love to travel – my job gives me the chance to experience it all – I meet inspiring people, get to see fascinating houses and travel to exciting places … I feel blessed.


Production Paradise: Your pictures are vivid and full of life, how does color and light influence your work?

Christian: I am a positive person … In everybody and everything there is a  favorable site and to show that in a picture is my challenge. My photographs show the way I look at life and my view is bright and colorful.



Production Paradise: How has living in Asia and Sweden influenced you?

Christian: Having lived in the far north and the far east in two completely different cultures has shaped me as a person. I can find the calm and laid back as well as the vibrant and happy in me and that shows in my work, I guess.


Production Paradise: The subjects in your lifestyle work always appear natural and at ease, what’s your secret for achieving this?

Christian: I like to make people feel comfortable. I don’t act pretentious and am happy when people feel at ease. To capture that very moment makes me glad.


Production Paradise: What images in your portfolio are you most proud of and why?

Christian: I have some favorites in my portfolio … but mostly I am proudest of my latest work. I like to progress and develop as a photographer.


Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Christian: I like to be inspired by the work of my fellow members and be part of an international community.


We would like to thank Christian Burmester for his time and taking part in our blog interview. More of his work can be found on Production Paradise and his website.

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