Challenges of Cosmetics and Fragrance photography: Interview with Coolife


Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré have partnered their different talents and artistic expressions to create and produce the work they love. Together, they make Coolife – The Still Life, Beauty, and Luxury photography team.

We had the chance to talk to Coolife and ask them about their experiences with Still-Life, especially Cosmetics and Fragrance, photography. Find out about the challenges they had to face and what inspires them.

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Production Paradise:  How did you get started with Coolife Studios and how did the collaboration with you and Carole start?

Coolife: We met in 1996 and discovered that we had more in common than our French heritage (Being from Paris and Montréal). We share a love of design, fine art, music and, of course, photography. Moreover, we also share a tendency towards perfectionism, refined tastes, a wry sense of humor and a visual sensibility. Therefore, we began producing ambitious, personal photography and design projects on weekends, then during every spare moment we had.

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Production Paradise: You mostly focus on Still-Life photography. What is it about this kind of photography that inspires you?

Coolife: The French word for “still life,” nature morte, translates literally to “nature-death”. C’est dommage! In a very real way, that phrase is the opposite of what we do in our work. In our version of nature morte photography, we aim to create . . . nature-life. Our objects take on personalities — souls. They are variously regal, sexy, clever, witty, dangerous, delicate. They stand at attention. They slouch. They beckon. They engage the viewer in a visual conversation, creating an emotional relationship between the brand and consumer.


Production Paradise: You shoot a lot of Cosmetics and Fragrances photography. What needs to be considered in order to present the products the best way?

Coolife: We work in close partnership with clients from a campaign’s ideation phase to its completion. In many cases, our concepts serve as the foundation for a product’s subsequent, multi-platform marketing programs. At Coolife, we combine that conceptual sophistication with production expertise, managing every aspect of a shoot — including styling, model making, casting, set design, digital imaging and retouching.

Production Paradise: Which one of the the many campaigns that you have shot, posed the greatest challenge?

Coolife: That would be the snake picture we did for our own scent LE PREMIER PARFUM. We had a casting of snakes and professional animal handlers. It was a very different kind of challenge then we had ever taken on before, but at the same time very exciting. Not to mention it helped us overcome any fears we may have had of snakes!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.23.29 PM

There is something so calming about the Snake after you get past that initial fear. It comes to no surprise that Snakes have many different symbolisms and meanings – from being worshipped to representing good vs. bad in Hinduism and many other cultures.

Two snakes were interacting with the fragrance bottle and we were lucky enough to shoot this perfect image with each snake facing the opposite direction. That is called Kundalini energy…

This shot was not composed nor assembled. It was a pure single shot – all about the right time and energy in the moment.

Production Paradise: What are some of the more specialized techniques that you have mastered for shooting Still-Life?

Coolife: Along with the photography itself, we also needed to master techniques in lighting, special effects on set, as well as a thorough post-production process and retouching.

Shooting Still-Life requires different type of creative approach, than shooting a real life model, in that you must look at the product or subject and find the best way to draw in one’s eye. Choosing the right angle and/or mood on the set can change the feeling of the image greatly.


Production Paradise: How has being a member of Production Paradise helped you?

Coolife: It has helped to draw attention to our website, so that we can better share our work and story!

Production Paradise: What shoots are coming next for you, and what can we look forward to seeing?

Coolife: As of right now we have a few very exciting projects in the works… but it is too early to reveal …so please stay tuned!


We would like to thank Coolife for taking time to speak with us and giving us an insight into his photography. You can see more of her work on Production Paradise and on her website.

If you want to show off your latest work on Cosmetics and Fragrance photography in the next edition of Production Paradise’s Spotlight, contact us now at


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