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Ciclope Festival is the festival for craft and brings together the best and brightest production people from across Europe and beyond for a few days of inspiration, information and informal inebriation. A platform for directors, creatives, artists, producers, digital creatives and clients descend on Berlin to share knowledge and showcase the latest & greatest work from across the globe.’ – Wesley Ter Haar, MediaMonks

Annually held since 2010, Ciclope Festival gathers world top-notch professionals to share their ideas and know how, to discuss the main issues of the business, to celebrate the best work and to network with colleagues and clients. Unlike advertising festivals, Ciclope Festival focuses on the art of execution rather than the ideas, whether it be a TV commercial, a mobile app or an interactive installation.

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Wesley Ter Haar_Ciclope 2014

Wesley Ter Haar

We got the chance to have a chat with Wesley Ter Haar from MediaMonks, who won ‘Digital Production Agency of the Year’ at Ciclope Festival this year, as well as Oscar Kugblenu, the Business Development Manager and Mike Hill, the Bookings Coordinator at GCRS (Grand Central Recording Studios).


Oscar Kugblenu and Mike Hill

Oscar Kugblenu and Mike Hill, Business Development Manager and Bookings Coordinator at Grand Central Recording Studios:

1.       Was this your first time at Ciclope? How did it compare to previous years/What did you think of it?  

MikeIt was the first time I’ve done anything like this actually. From my perspective it was something new, really interesting and good fun too.

Oscar: Yes, it was the first time for both of us and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been to various creativity festivals before, such as Cannes Lions and Kinsale Sharks. A lot of the other festivals are more about the social side, going out for drinks and dinners, but Ciclope is focused on getting people to network professionally, and making sure that the craft – which is what the whole festival is about – is always centre-stage.

2.       What activities took place at the festival, and what was your favourite?  

OscarMy favourite was the awards shortlist screening. It was really good to sit down and just see all of the shortlisted work. It was exciting to see what’s been going on around the world.

MikeMy favourite was the Fresh Market event. It was a really good way of meeting someone completely different, from anywhere in the world, who you wouldn’t usually get chance to talk to. It was a brilliant icebreaker and made for a great start to the festival.

3.       In terms of networking, how successful do you think Ciclope was? Did you meet any interesting people?  

Oscar: I thought it was very successful in terms of networking. The festival was centralised around one venue, Babylon, and we were constantly bumping into people over lunch and coffee, and at the after-parties. People are really up for making new contacts and it’s got a very positive, friendly vibe.

Mike: I have made lots of contacts from all over the world and we are all keeping in touch. You never know when we could work together.

4.       Was there anyone or a company in particular that stood out to you?  

OscarIn Berlin, the two companies that really stood out to me were BBDO Germany and Iconoclast, both of whom are doing some really cool things right now.  At the festival itself the star attraction was definitely Roman Coppola. I hadn’t realised he’d created such a broad – and good – selection of work. That really stood out for me.

5.       What is the main purpose of Ciclope to you?  

MikeIt was definitely a good networking opportunity at an international level.

Oscar: As a business, we often work with non-UK based agencies and clients.  In fact, GCRS, and Soho in general, have a reputation for being amongst the best in the world at what we do.  It’s great to see that so many international agencies are curious to hear more about how we work.  It’s no exaggeration to say we’re all hugely passionate about sound excellence and want to work with the cream of the crop, wherever they are based. Ciclope was a great way to spread the word about GCRS and our services to likeminded people.

Logo, MediaMonks high-res

Wesley Ter Haar, MediaMonks:

1.       How did it feel to win the ‘Digital Production Agency of The Year’ award? What pieces of work have you produced this year?

In a word, amazing. We’ve had a great year, producing some of our best work ever, but to win an accolade of this type really underlines the year we’ve had. Some of my personal favourites are the Nightwalk in Marseille project produced for 72andSunny in Amsterdam and Google Creative Labs, which also picked up a gold at Ciclope. I also love The Universal Typeface produced for DDB Dusseldorf and really enjoyed the work we did on Jack Daniels “The Few and Far between” for Arnold in Boston. Both are really modern pieces of digital advertising, with a cultural relevance that makes it very easy for press and people to talk about.

Wesley Ter Haar_Ciclope 2014 II

Wesley Ter Haar

2.       Was this your first time at Ciclope? How did it compare to previous years/What did you think of it?

No, we’ve been a steady visitor since the move to Europe, and are huge fans. It’s not easy getting so much production talent together in a single spot, as most are juggling a variety of deadlines and drama that tends to make us production people the least reliable when it comes to industry events. Judging by this year Ciclope has simply become too important to skip, with people from all over the globe making the time to join the fray.

3.       Were there any people or companies that inspired you at the festival?

yes! It’s almost impossible not to be inspired by the likes of Framestore and Roman Coppola, and the many amazing people that were part of the audience. I also really enjoyed the overall theme, where failure can lead to success. I think that’s the bedrock of many production shops, and it was great to see some of the industry greats talk about their struggles along the way.

4.       Have you received any client requests since winning, or from anyone who attended Ciclope?

We’ve gotten some great responses so far and while it’s always difficult to pinpoint exactly why you’re getting a brief in, it definitely helps. We talk to many of our fellow Ciclope visitors on a regular basis but as production people we often rely on ad agencies to pull us together on a brief.

5.       What is the main purpose of Ciclope to you?

For me it was a mix of fun and functionality, there is nothing better than hanging out with like-minded people and sharing a sneaky drink or 18 along the way. Combine that with a line-up of inspiring speakers and a brilliant opportunity to meet potential partners and clients it’s one of the first dates in the calendar every year. Throw in Berlin and you have unbeatable combo.

Photo Wesley ter Haar

Wesley Ter Haar

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