Ciclope Festival is almost here


Ciclope, the first festival fully dedicated to craft, as their motto says, is a week far from today.

Most of the awards shows and festivals are dedicated to celebrating ideas, whereas Ciclope festival focuses on celebrating the execution and the work behind great ads. They believe a good execution determines the final impact on the customer, and this idea is what makes Ciclope festival unique.
Ciclope recently moved from Buenos Aires to Berlin and they say they have found the same increasing interest in craft, skills and the art of execution in the advertising industry.
Ciclope festival gathers top-notch professionals and invites them to share their ideas and discuss about the current state and future of the business with peers and clients.

It’s not all just about networking; there will be also other activities, an award show and three days full of professional content, inspiring talks and more activities that maintain our media advertising industry alive and constantly renewing.

Production Paradise has the honour to be one of the partners of this festival, which in many opinions, is the best and most important of our time, and we had the chance to interview Ciclope founder, the director and producer Francisco Condorelli.



How have the preparations been going for the Berlin edition of Ciclope festival?
Well, there’s a week to go so busy as you’d expect! But we’re very excited for this year’s edition. We have an amazing line up of Jury and Speakers confirmed, and the venue is going to be very popular I’m sure.

How many people are you expecting to attend this year?

Certainly an increase from last year, probably because Berlin is a little easier to get to! But also because we are seeing such a growing interest in Ciclope’s focus – people want to celebrate craft and acknowledge those who dedicate themselves to it, which is hugely encouraging.

What kind of positive feedback have you received from the previous editions of the festival?

It’s funny, despite the fact we have such great line ups of Jury and Speakers, great venues, great parties, people always seem to warm most to the feel of Ciclope. I get a lot of my positive feedback on the intimate atmosphere Ciclope has – people find it easy to network, be inspired, share ideas, and of course enjoy themselves.
People also love Fresh market, it’s a very rare opportunity for agencies and production companies to get one on one time and show each other their work.

How big is your team that organizes the event?

Hard to tell. I’ve had them locked in an office in Berlin since July and haven’t been back. I’ll let them out in time for the festival as they’ve done a good job so far.

What’s the difference in organizing a festival in South America and Europe?

It has been a nice challenge being in a new city. Of course when we held Ciclope in Buenos Aires, we knew the city, we knew the people, we knew the culture. So that was the major difference. But we were coming off the back of Craften in Amsterdam which went very well, so we knew that people were interested our concept in Europe, and Berlin has been great to work in so far.

Are there many differences in the craft of advertising based on geo location? Does every country have an identity or have the ideas and craft become globalized as well?

Of course, many countries have their own identity, their own beliefs, sense of humour etc. But I think where you do see a difference across advertising internationally, that is down to budgetary differences too. We were aware that this has been noticeable in our past editions so this year we have split all the categories into regions, US+Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific + Africa.

What are you looking forward to most at the Ciclope Festival next week?

We have some fantastic talks this year, notably from Julian Frost, director of Dumb Ways to Die and director Sebastian Strasser. Some great panels, some great case studies, the awards show, – there’s too much for me to think of, go check out our website!




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