Connecting the right projects to the right photographers – Interview with FUZE Reps


Meet FUZE Reps from Toronto, representing award-winning photographers and directors in Canada. FUZE Reps’ clients know they can count on a quality production and engaging visual content from out of home to digital. Amongst its clients, FUZE has shot for Ford, Toyota, Nestle, IKEA, Canada Goose, Campbell’s and numerous publications and editorials.

FUZE reps team: Daniela | Nicole | Helen

Production Paradise: Can you give us some of your background and how you came to create the agency FUZE Reps?

Daniela: I started with one photographer and then was asked from others to rep them.  I love cold calling and love meeting new people + clients it is what I enjoy the best from my job. Taking care of their needs and coming up with solves.

Photographer: Genevieve Charbonneau | Meghan Markle

Production Paradise: Do you take photos yourself?

Daniela: Only when absolutely necessary will we appear on camera – or if we’re tortured.  We like to be behind the scenes – architects of the quotes and how productions come to life. We love to connect people.

Production Paradise: What do you love most about your work?

Daniela: Connecting the right projects to the right photographers and making each of those projects the best they can be.  No day is the same and every day is met with a new challenge that we get to solve so that every shoot goes off without a hitch. More than anything we love connecting with people and networking.  There’s something rewarding about having a deeper connection to our clients than just work.

Photographer: Sandy Nicholson | Chelsea FC

Production Paradise: Tell us a little bit about the talents that you represent. Do they all have something in common?

Daniela: Our talent are some of the best in the country, in fact, some of the best in the business; Whether veterans in the industry or developing talent, all our photographers take every project as an opportunity to develop and showcase their skills. But more importantly, come up with solutions and problem.  We focus on what’s needed and how we can elevate it.

Photographer: Arash Moallemi | Cityscape

Production Paradise: Now tell us about the people who help you run FUZE Reps smoothly. We see that your staff is mostly female, is this intentional?

Daniela: Definitely not intentional that most of our staff are women, but think its definitely something worth noting.  All of us are Type A’s. Can’t leave that email unanswered for more than 2 minutes and make sure we’re responding as fast as we can.  It makes for a fun office space as well when we are all in cahoots to make something happen.

Photographer: Pierre Bourjo | Telus

Production Paradise: What is the most interesting or memorable campaign that you have worked on?

Daniela: There are too many projects to mention. But some of the most memorable are the ones that you didn’t think you could do.  Finding the impossible locations, getting product across the border, finding the right prop or a unique talent.

These days we have very short production lead-time and have to turn things around quickly. So we’re always kept on our toes. More recently we’ve expanded into motion production.

Photographer: Maya Visnyei | Whiskey Tart

Production Paradise: How important for you is the use of digital and social media to create awareness for your agency and your talents?

Daniela: Digital and social media is definitely an integral part of our marketing as we find more and more that clients and agencies are searching for talent online.

Photographer: Riley Stewart | HarryRosen

Production Paradise: How often do you get requests from photographers to be represented by your agency? Any advice you want to give to them?

Daniela: We get asked daily for other photographers to be represented by our agency and sometimes it’s a really hard decision because we see some stellar work.  Ultimately we are looking for someone in the Toronto market, as that is our main base and someone who already has an initial client base and now wants to focus on the creative so we can help with overall representation.  What has been great about other photographers reaching out is that we’ve been able to establish a great base of photographers in other markets should our clients need options elsewhere.

We would like to thank FUZE reps for taking the time to share some of their experiences with us! If you want to see more of their work, visit their Member’s portfolio or their website. If you wish to become a Production Paradise Member, click here for more details.


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