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In a hungry world of quality content, PS4 provides space that fuels creativity, ignited minds and provides inspiration. With a great wealth of experience, PS4 owners Matthew Plexman and Sylvia Verkley built their kingdom by creating an innovative place that could be used by industry professionals as a studio shooting space and art gallery. Carving out a place for creativity to thrive is very challenging, for this reason, the studio was built with an unwavering attention to detail and the utmost love and care by a former professional photographer in order to make the best use out of the space layout and create the highest efficiency.

A Day At The Studio

Production Paradise: Please describe a typical day in the rental studio.

PS4: Sometimes our days involve early mornings and late evenings as we prep the studio for our clients. We like to ensure that our space is ‘picture perfect’ and that we’re delivering what we promise – A professional place that is comfortable for our clients.

PS4 Rental studio

Production Paradise: What’s the best part of your job?

PS4: We get to meet so many new people and see great creative talent from Toronto.

PS4 At Work

Production Paradise: Tell us about a recent project that was especially striking to you?

PS4: We recently had a fitness company in studio to photograph lifestyle images of their new items and equipment. This involved installing wood flooring and building walls to create a yoga studio set. We had a ton of fitness equipment in studio and models were photographed exercising and using each item. Then, when they were done we got to tear it all down.

Spotlight Magazine - rental studios

Production Paradise:  What software or equipment do you rely on the most while working with top industry clients?

PS4: We rely on software called Light Blue, a database that we use to book the studio, store important information relating to each rental and invoice clients.

Production Paradise:  What do the most successful photographers have in common that you’ve worked with?

PS4: An in depth understanding of what the client is looking for and the ability to push the envelope in order to deliver stunning images that exceed the clients expectations.


Production Paradise:  Do you feel that art spaces in Toronto struggle from gentrification?

PS4: Yes, increasing condo development continue to push artists out.

Production Paradise:  Any specific client you would like to see in PS4?

PS4: We welcome all clients at PS4 but we love when we have clients who think outside the box. It challenges us to do new things – which we love!

PS4 Art Gallery

Production Paradise:  What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

PS4: Production Paradise connects us with what seems like an unlimited amount of industry professionals all over the world.


Thank you team PS4 for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of their work on Production Paradise and their website.

You can find PS4 Studios and other Toronto-based studios in our Toronto directory.

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