Creatives: how to improve your marketing skills and make the most of your time in lockdown


The Covid-19 virus has shaken the world and we have seen how the entire globe has had to react and retreat to their homes. Many industries have been affected, including production, and even though this has brought up many challenges now is not the time to standstill.

As the world has slowed down creatives must be able to apply their skills, adapt and work with the limitations in front of them. This certainly isn’t an easy period, however, we encourage a proactive and positive outlook and thought it would be helpful to share some advice on what to do with your business.

Photographer – Matthew Joseph

  1. Email Marketing – emails are a great communication tool and this hasn’t changed. Most people are spending more time on their computers and working from home, so emails are a superb way to reach out and stay in touch with clients.
  2. Improve your… – SEO, SEO, SEO. When it comes to marketing this always pops up and it’s vital to get your head around it. SEO, in a nutshell, is how to improve your website’s visibility to get more traffic. There are many ways to enhance your SEO, from using backlinks to analytics. So if you haven’t already started, take the opportunity to build on this area.
  3. Review your website – with a few extra hours on your hands, you can go through your website and make sure that it’s the best it can be. Art buyers and creative directors will have more time to seek out talent for upcoming productions, therefore your website needs easy navigation, engaging content and to be fast. Everyone will be on the internet so make sure your online presence is up to par.
  4. Be social and connect – social media has shaped modern marketing and is the pioneer at creating platforms where we can share and communicate. Needless to say, social media is very useful and important, especially during times like these. Let your community know what you’ve been up to, how you’ve been using these moments and reach out.
  5. Explore new skills – there’s nothing wrong with going back and learning something new. It could’ve been an interest you never had the chance to explore or an area of photography that’s picking up. Go for it, utilise this time to expand and hone your skills.
  6. Be inspired and dive into personal projects – inspiration can be found everywhere, even in such situations. Personal projects are a great way to keep busy and keep the creative juices flowing. Who knows, it might lead to something further or open new doors.
  7. Offer services from home – many ad agencies continue to operate from home and are seeking out those who can adjust their work approach. Therefore, if you have a home studio, provide CGI services, work with food or still life, let people know that you’re still here and available for work.
  8. Use photography competitions – many competitions have an incredible selection of creative directors and art buyers as judges, such as the Spotlight Awards 2020. They will be using their extra time to look for talent and competitions are always a great resource.
  9. Be compassionate – although it’s important to connect and work on your marketing, ensure that your message and methods are sensitive to the current conditions. We’re all facing challenges and it’s now more important than ever that we show compassion and unity.
  10. Think long term – things will start to pick back up again and it’s best to be prepared for when they do. Use this time to plan, make connections and complete the tasks that will benefit you in the future.
  11. Take advantage of digital tools – plenty of companies have adapted their services to ensure that our time at home is well spent and productive. Google has also made many of its tools free to help businesses ease into their work from home adjustments. has created an innovative online platform that allows photographers and producers to meet models and scout talent for future projects, it even includes online video castings. Production Paradise is setting up webinars and live talks with industry creatives around the world to create an online community that provides valuable marketing tips and advice, as well as taking their highly sought-after Portfolio Review online!

We face unprecedented times however now is also an opportunity to try novel approaches to our work. It is also important to be consistent and remember that you are not alone, we are all in this together. Please stay safe and take care.

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