Creators who set trends – interview with Talenthouse Co-Founder Maya Bogle


Spotlight Photo Awards media partner Talenthouse is working on supporting creators by having their work seen, loved, recognised and financially rewarded. Talenthouse co-founder Maya Bogle tells us how these creators can set trends and help brands shape their marketing communications.

Talenthouse Co-Founder Maya Bogle

Production Paradise: Tell us a bit about yourself and what attracted you to the creative/ advertising industry?

Maya Bogle: I studied psychology at university and think I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour and what affects it. Ultimately great creative work and the creators that make it, have the power to shape the way we feel about everything. Creators tend to be early adopters, taste-makers and trend-setters who influence popular culture and therefore can help brands shape their marketing communications and build that path to brand affinity and purchase.

 Production Paradise: Could you explain what Talenthouse is?

Maya Bogle: Our vision for Talenthouse was to support creators at every stage of their career by having their work seen, loved, recognised and financially rewarded.  A kind of “creative ecosystem and economy,” where users can showcase their work, be inspired by creative work from all over the world, connect to like-minded individuals but also discover opportunities to get paid for their work. In the decade since launch we have offered an incredible number of creative briefs from big-name brands, celebrated icons and top-tier ad agencies to our ever-growing community of artists, photographers, film-makers, musicians, designers and more.

Production Paradise: How do you connect your creative community to creative briefs?

Maya Bogle: We work closely with our brand and agency partners who recognise the value of an open-source platform where they can work in several ways to engage our community of creators for fresh ideas and perspectives on their creative briefs. From concepts and ideas to fully finished creative work for digital, out of home, press and even TV. The briefs can be open to everyone – or we can work in a private, closed “Black Book” way to commission just a handful of our community to work on the brief.

We believe that our approach benefits both the advertising industry and creators alike. There is an increasing need to produce more creative work for more marketing channels with more cultural relevancy and faster turnarounds – and we can support the agencies in sourcing that work in a cost-efficient way without increasing the overheads at the agency itself.

Equally, technology has enabled more people to create and Talenthouse isn’t just helping young creatives get their foot in the door – we’re breaking down the door completely.

Production Paradise: Talenthouse also partners with Ello, can you speak about that relationship?

Maya Bogle: In 2018 we partnered with Ello, an art-focused social network, which is a testament to our commitment to community building. Ello represents a stunning, curated community of creators who want to showcase their work and engage a wider audience. By opening our creative invites to Ello users, Talenthouse hopes for more artists to make a living from their creative passions and to showcase their work to a wider audience of consumers, brands and agencies.

Production Paradise: Talenthouse, Ello and Production Paradise are just three examples of online sites that bring diverse clients and photographers together. Why do photographers need these platforms?

Maya Bogle: Maintaining a strong digital presence is an important part of being a modern creative. This is especially true if you’re an artist hoping to attract brands for commercial collaborations. Putting an email address on your Instagram bio and waiting for DMs might do the trick if you’re already a top-tier influencer, but for emerging artists who haven’t gotten their lucky break, opportunities are few and far between. But what if artists could take a more proactive approach? What if, instead of relying on luck, there was a way for you to place your work directly in front of brands looking for creative talent?

Well, you can do just that on platforms which are set up to showcase work from creators from all over the world.  The platform-based approach is ultimately scalable and allows through the briefing process to give creators the opportunity to respond to a brief that they would never normally be able to access. To get their work in front of top-tier agencies, brands and creative judges to show that they can respond to a live brief and to a deadline. Our platforms act as the ultimate ‘agent’ in many ways but without the restrictions of one person trying to knock on 1000’s of doors. Our briefs come in from all over the world and our brand partners have worked with creators from every country you could possibly think of. We truly believe that a great idea can come from anywhere and we’re committed to democratising creativity and creating more income opportunities for creators.

Production Paradise: We know clients need talent to create content, but do you believe that global creative communities can have a part in creating buzz around the brands as well?

Maya Bogle: We definitely do. Creators can be influencers as well. They are often very well connected with numerous followers across their social channels and they are the most authentic of ‘influencers’ as they are creating their own work and not just talking about someone else’s. Ello is a perfect example of this too where they have built an art-focused social network with 100,000’s of consumers on-site every day looking at the inspirational work and engaging with the community and articles – it’s more of a magazine experience with the ability to immerse brands into this highly creative environment with powerful reach and authenticity.

Production Paradise: Can you talk to us about anything creatives can expect from Talenthouse and Ello in the near future?

Maya Bogle: We are always thinking about other ways we can support our community so we will be introducing a number of different features on the site. The kind of things we’re exploring right now range from job boards, to more ways to collaborate with each other, with brands, with celebrated icons, to exclusive offers, a learning centre on how to set up and run a business, financial products that would allow for faster, easier global payments with less fees and more articles and opportunities to inspire, learn from and make money from.

We’d like to build the ultimate destination for creators and brands and consumers alike. Ambitious, but hey, we believe in the power of creativity to change the world and hopefully make it a better and more beautiful one to live in.


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