Interior Design Magazine’s Senior editor Nicholas Tamarin about the evolution of architectural photography


Read our short but very insightful talk with the Senior Editor at Interior Design Magazine, Nicholas Tamarin. As a judge for the Architecture & Interior category, at our Spotlight Awards, he tells us what he is expecting to see in the entries this year and talks about the evolution of architectural photography in the industry.


Production Paradise: Could you give us some insight into your background and your journey to becoming a Senior Editor at Interior Design?

Nicholas Tamarin: I went to journalism school at New York University and while there I got an internship at Elle Décor, and I’ve worked my way up at magazines ever since.

Production Paradise: What made you want to be a judge on the panel?

Nicholas Tamarin: I love being a member of the international architecture and design community!

Production Paradise: What is it about Interior & Architecture photography that appeals to you?

Nicholas Tamarin: The discipline and commitment it takes to perfect the craft combined with an inherent artistic sensibility.

Production Paradise: What are some of the trends that you see in Interiors and Architecture imagery?

Nicholas Tamarin: More people and plants! In general, I think there is less sterility and more focus on capturing how spaces actually function or buildings mesh with the existing urban fabric.

Production Paradise: What sort of images would you like to see in the competition?

Nicholas Tamarin: Anything that captures the essence of a building or space.

Production Paradise: What are you looking for in a photographer?

Nicholas Tamarin: One who has both authorship – an artistic vision – and intuition, also the ability to convey what’s important in the work of others to viewers.

We thank Nicholas for taking the time to speak to us. Now you know how to catch this judge’s eye! Pick your best Architectural & Interior shots and enter the Spotlight Awards!


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