Discover how London-based Art Buyer Sarah Thompson finds new talent in this video interview


Sarah Thompson, talented Art Buyer and Producer for Creative Blood Agency was kind enough to spare a few moments to discuss her journey into art buying and share some insights on this competitive industry. Sarah has an eye for finding talented photographers and loves the way a still image encompasses a story in one picture.

Hear from Sarah about her unique journey into the industry, what has allowed Creative Blood Agency to exceed its clients’ expectations, and how Production Paradise has helped her company find new talents worldwide.

“Production Paradise is an amazing database, collective, and community for anyone working in the photographic industry or advertising industry” – Sarah Thompson


Sarah discovered Production Paradise when she was working at an advertising agency in Sydney and has been using the database ever since. Sarah utilizes Production Paradise as a search tool to find new talent outside of her network and when she is searching for a specific genre. As Sarah mentions in the video, “Production Paradise is an art buyer’s best friend.”

We would like to thank Sarah for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of Creative Blood Agency’s represented photographers’ and videographers’ work on her agency’s website.

If you want to be discovered by art buyers like Sarah – show off your latest work in our upcoming Spotlight or Showcase magazines. Contact us now at or

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