Does your online portfolio do your images justice? With Prodibi it can!


We are excited to introduce one of the sponsors of Spotlight AwardsProdibi, that makes the full resolution image display and sharing easy. Learn more about it from Prodibi founder Olivier Hamel and see it for yourself in the demonstration, featuring images by Carol Highsmith and other examples below.

Production Paradise: How did the idea about Prodibi come about?

Olivier Hamel: Prodibi is a company that I created with my brother Fred in Geneva, Switzerland, with the vision to redefine the online image experience. Fred is a software engineer and a photographer. He was extremely disappointed to compress his photos before showing them online. It is a well-known problem, you always lose easily 95% of your image resolution when online, which is often disappointing for the artists and the viewers.

It is actually getting more and more problematic as we constantly increase the number of pixels we capture with our cameras and the number we display on our screens. To give you a bit of perspective, a usual HD image is about 1 to 2 million pixels while a standard 4K screen supports more than 8 million pixels, and almost all smartphones can now capture over 12 million pixels.

There is a huge disconnect between the technologies we use and the Internet, and it does not make much sense. If you shoot for instance at 40 million pixels, you should be able to display the full quality of your pictures if you want too. That why we started Prodibi – to tackle this problem. From there, we created a solution that goes much further in terms of support for images – of course starting with the image quality, but also improving the performance and the security of your images.

Click on the image below to see an example:

100mpx Prodibi photo taken by Fred Hamel (Padibi), the CTO of Prodibi

Production Paradise: At first glance, people might think Prodibi is simply a platform where you upload images but, it is much more than that. How does the platform work?

Olivier Hamel: Yes indeed, the support that we bring to full resolution images is unprecedented. We take care of everything automatically for photographers, from the upload to the delivery of the photos with no performance issue. You can think about Prodibi as the YouTube platform for images.

So it starts with the possibility to create albums and to upload your images with up to 3 gigapixels in resolution. All albums and all photos have their own URLs that you can freely share with your friends, followers, and clients via emails or social networks. They will have a perfect experience on both the web and mobile.

You can also decide to enable the direct download of the images, for instance when you send a gallery to a client, and you can also create your own portfolio website with Prodibi.

If you already have a website, that’s not a problem at all because you can also embed the Prodibi images into an existing website in one click without changing its design. This method is already used by big photography companies such as Phase One, Luminous Landscape, Chasseur d’Images or Fujifilm France.

We also bring many other improvements to the images that you don’t immediately see such as the right formatting, colors, pixel density, the perfect responsiveness, the possibility to select the point of interest and to create custom gallery grid.

We are also going very far when it comes to the security of your photos. We never send the original file, the right click is disabled, you can add your watermark, and we offer encryption options to our most demanding users.

Production Paradise: Is this just for professionals?

Olivier Hamel: It is for everyone who wants to display and share their images, and we offer a free account with up to 2 GB of storage for those who have simpler needs. We have over 5,000 users in more than 100 countries in the world, from the mother who takes photos of her children with her smartphone to famous professional photographers. Considering all the benefits we bring to the image experience, many types of photographers will enjoy Prodibi. We also have makeup artists, retouchers, and models using our solution. The solution appeals to many people.

Production Paradise: Why do you think having top quality imagery on websites is so important?

Olivier Hamel: There are many reasons, but the first one is about emotion. The experience to enjoy a full resolution photo versus a standard HD image is incomparable. We see it every day when people try our solution; there is a huge WOW factor when you showcase your work using Prodibi as a photographer.

What it means is that you will be rewarded for your hard work as an artist, and you will potentially gain new clients and new followers because they will experiment the full quality of what you produce. We see it every day when professional photographers integrate Prodibi images into their portfolio website to get an edge by showcasing the full quality of their photos. Also, and it is essential, by using Prodibi you will drastically simplify your image workflow as we take care of everything for you, and you might even be able to save money and time as we can replace 3 to 5 other tools you are currently using.

Production Paradise: Could you share what the benefits of having a Prodibi account are?

Olivier Hamel: In a few words: quality, performance, simplicity, and security. We also have plugins that help you use Prodibi, for instance for WordPress and Lightroom. We are also about to launch a Photoshop plugin and our mobile apps. This is very exciting because this will allow us to adequately support the full resolution of the photos from the post-processing to the sharing of the image on, say, Instagram.

Production Paradise: Is there a way that users can try out your product before signing up and what kind of packages do you offer?

Olivier Hamel: Yes, definitely, Prodibi is a free service for up to 2 GB of storage and 100 image uploads per week. There is no trial period, it will remain free if you need less than these limits. If you need more storage or if you want to use our advanced features, we have a Starter plan at $11 per month for 25 GB of storage and an Ultimate plan at $24 per month for 50 GB.

Paying users also have access to additional features such as improved security or image upload of up to 3 gigapixels in resolution. With the free account, you also have access to our plugins and apps.

Production Paradise: How do you see the future of photography in the era of digitalization? What is Prodibi’s role going to be?

Olivier Hamel: We are living in a turning point for the industry with tons of innovations coming in different fields in both hardware and software areas. You can think about the use of artificial intelligence, computer vision or blockchain for instance. We are sure that photographers will be impacted in a very positive way and we think new improved services will soon be ready for the market.

For Prodibi, and in more technical terms, we can define us as an image infrastructure as a service, a sophisticated way to say that we want to handle your most demanding needs when it comes to images. Our role will be to become the backbone of the industry and to integrate ourselves into existing services to help them deliver a better experience to photographers in general.

What it also means for our users is that we will continue to develop the platform as we want to provide more and more options to them. For instance, we want to help them monetise their images with the opportunity to sell them. We are also developing a dynamic statistic dashboard that is very promising and never seen before, which could be used by photographers to improve their techniques.

Production Paradise:  You help photographers put their best images forward. How do you think participating in the Spotlight Awards can boost a photographer’s profile?

Olivier Hamel: We believe the Spotlight Awards is unique in several aspects, but most importantly by the quality of the jury panel and the submissions. The competition is at an extremely high level, and it is a pleasure to be involved. I also love the particular category for the emerging talents, it’s full of great discoveries.

For the photographers, we believe it is an excellent opportunity to get insightful feedback, meet potential clients, and gain exposure for their work. And let’s not forget the cool prizes you can win!

We thank Olivier for speaking with us and wish you luck – entering the Spotlight Awards you may win Prodibi subscription among many other prizes. Furthermore, just by participating, your work will be seen by impressive panel of judges, compiled of over 50 art buyers, creative directors, photo editors and other decision-makers.

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