Don’t forget about the props! – An interview with Slow Mood


You might forget about the small things and details that make a set lively and authentic; Slow Mood- Fine Art Props however, doesn’t. Luckily, we got to talk to Hamilton R. Pereira, CEO and Founder of Slow Mood, and got to know about the most requested and the least common props, as well as the customers who use them.


Production Paradise: You rent everything, from doors and sandcastles, to sculls and cigars, in fact just about every prop that could be required for a shoot; what is the most requested and the most unusual item you offer?

Hamilton: Since we have both props and production equipment, on the props side it is our white lady cruiser bike with leather seat, leather handle and basket. On the equipment side it is our steamer. Although we also have a billiard table as well as a table-tennis table, I guess the most unusual prop is a real old barkless tree and maybe also our big original swiss sledge.


Production Paradise: Who are your clients?

Hamilton: In fact, most of our clients are Portuguese service production companies for film, tv and photo commercials, sometimes we rent for feature films too, as well as for event companies and once in a while we have also direct contact from forgeign productions.


Production Paradise: How did Slow Mood get started?

Hamilton: I was already running for seven years my own photo production company based in Germany with many jobs in Portugal, when I always had to get props, wardrobe racks etc. for my jobs. In that time I was also freelancing and had the chance to rent equipment from partners, but almost always something was broken, old and not in good shape. Also with the props some clients didn’t have money for a prop master, so the production, together with a stylist had to rent or buy props. Eventually with the years I had a small amount of props and technical equipment spread over my apartment, a friends’ garage and a partner’s workshop. From there it just seemed logical to found a place where you can have good quality prop house with excellent equipment you must not be embarrassed to rent to the most demanding client. Also, because I had heard for many years from photographers travelling the world, that in Miami, Germany, London, Cape Town etc. you walk into a prop house and pick what you need. Since I always lived in Germany, I started investigating the prop houses there, talked to clients, partners. The same I did in Portugal. Finally I found a nice warehouse, accessible for trucks, clean and just next to a long time partner – a model maker and set designer. With the following years, it was a big investment and I am proud to have been able to grow with my own means.


Production Paradise: What was the most difficult request you ever got?

Hamilton: Since we only rent what we have, although we also recommend partners and shops if we can’t fulfill the clients needs, it doesn’t happen often. But quite often we have clients that ask us for big amounts of a certain article that we only have once or three times, for example, althought we have the availble amount displayed online.


Production Paradise: How large is your warehouse and do clients visit to view the props or do they mostly hire online?

Hamilton: We have 330m2 on one level – ground floor. So loading is easy. Unfortunately not a lot visit the warehouse – it’s the runners and assistants mainly, although some do and are mostly happy since we like to rearrange  the warehouse and set up corners where we display some in groups, so you can see them “in action“ and not just in the shelves. We also have a lounge with sofas and table for meetings. But most of the clients send us an email and call, some go online, a few even order and reserve online which you can.

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Hamilton: It is very nice that we can select to be in a spotlight edition just made for our main business, like this last one „Services for photography and film“ and still be in the main directory. Another interesting tool is Vimity which gives you the chance to showcase on a different platform and still be linked to PP. Not to mention the fact that you have a great audience out there of demanding and interesting clients. And we can publicly see what others have been doing and this is a nice way to find inspirations.

We would like to thank  for taking the time to talk to us. find more information about Slow Mood on their website or on Production Paradise.

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