Drone & Aerial Photography & Services will have its own Spotlight Magazine


Drone photography is taking off and it’s time for professional drone and aerial photographers and service companies to have their own Spotlight Magazine. Various photographers listed at Production Paradise capture stunning aerial shots, and more and more of them are adopting drones in their photo and video shoots. That’s why we decided to create a place to feature the best aerial and drone photography and videography and to find the best drone and aereal photography and film services.

At Production Paradise we have already a solid number of outstanding aerial and drone photographers from around the world. We’ve been featuring their work in Spotlight Magazines dedicated to exteriors, architecture and aerial photography, however we see an increasing interest from both our subscribers and members to launch a Spotlight Magazine dedicated specifically to drone & aerial photography and services.

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Aerial and Drone Photography & Services Spotlight coming in December 2016. We’ll be featuring some of the world’s finest talent from the aerial, drone and the production services industry. Here’s a taste of the imagery that’s already been featured on Production Paradise to arouse your curiosity.

Aerial & Architecture Photography by Paul Campbell

Aerial Photography by Paul Campbell


Aerial Photograpy in Virginia, USA by Cameron Davidson

Aerial Photograpy by Cameron Davidson

Aerial Photography in Hawaii by Howard Kingsnorth

Aerial Photography by Howard Kingsnorth

Aerial Photography by Vantagepoint

Aerial Photography by Vantagepoint

To make it simple for our subsribers, we are carefully selecting the very best aerial and drone photographers working worldwide, and the companies offering aerial and drone photography and film & video services. The shortlist with essential information, portfolios and contact details will be accessible on Production Paradise very soon.

Aerial Photography by Francis Zera

Aerial Photography by Francis Zera


Aerial Photography by Ingo Fischer

Bankenviertel, City, City of London, England, Europa, Großbritannien, Großstadt, Hauptstadt, Häusermeer, Hochhaus, Horizont, London, Panorama, QF, Stadt, Stadtlandschaft, Übersicht, Urban, Vereinigtes Königreich

Aerial Photography by Thomas Ebert

Thanks to Production Paradise’s brand new Spotlight, you will have the world’s top aerial photographers at your fingertips! We make it easy to find the perfect photographer or service company for your photo and film campaigns, shootings or visual productions worldwide. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it, and reserve a spot, if you want to be among the world leading aerial & drone photographers and services.

The new Spotlight Magazine Aerial & Drone Photography & Services will be seen by our subscribers – international art buyers, photo agents, producers, photo editors, brands, corporate clients and many more. Be included in the December 2016 edition of Spotlight Magazine and be seen where it counts!

Aerial Photograpy by Victor Elias

Stay tuned to see the very best of aerial and drone photography and services in our debut issue in December 2016!

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  1. One of our photographers photographed a client cross country team in a wilderness area near school with a drone. Very impressed and now offering the service to clients

  2. The picture of the city from above with the heart shaped pool is a great shot. I’ve been wanting to start taking aerial Photos like this as a side hobby for some time now. What do you think would be the best kind of drone for a beginner like me to get started with? Thanks for any advice you can give me.


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