Dublin: Directory and Showcase online!


Welcome to Dublin, Ireland’s glorious capital.

Although wealthy leprechauns and lucky rainbows harbouring pots o’ gold may be things of myth and fantasy, the richness of Ireland’s visual media industry is legendary. In Production Paradise’s latest photo and film directories and Showcase, we explore a land whose beauty has inspired visual media professionals across the nation with some astonishing results.

Ireland’s awe-inspiring landscapes alone draw in creative professionals from all over the world, and its characteristic architecture has provided settings for international film and TV productions aplenty. Thanks to the Film Dublin Partnership, dozens of committed local organisations have devoted themselves to offering production-friendly services, putting the Irish capital on the map for perfect production locations across the globe. Throw in some raw Irish charm and you have the setting of dreams. A true Production Paradise.

Maybe it’s Dublin’s famously friendly people that make it the place to be, or perhaps the legendary luck of the Irish. Or maybe, just maybe, there is something in those myths after all…

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