Eric Davidove, Spotlight Awards Shot On Mobile Category winner, on finding his true calling and his winning shot


Eric Davidove is the winner of our Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence Shot on Mobile category. Read the interview about his work, how he quit his job and discovered photography, and how his iPhone came to rescue the day he took the winning shot.

Shot on Mobile category winning image by Eric Davidove

Production Paradise: Congratulations once again! How do you feel about winning the shot on mobile category?

Eric Davidove: Thank you. I feel proud, excited, and motivated. When entering competitions such as this, I try to have realistic expectations and try to find motivation and inspiration even when my photos are rejected. Easier said than done. Losing a competition does not always mean I am a “bad” photographer. Sometimes I lose a competition because I selected the wrong type of theme. Other times I lose because my photos are not aligned with the curator’s vision of the exhibition theme. The important thing for me is to learn from the “rejections” and then move on. Today I am celebrating my win. Tomorrow I will continue to raise my bar, learn, grow, and have fun making more photographs.


Eric Davidove


Production Paradise: How did you experience the competition? Were you nervous?

Eric Davidove: My expectations for this competition were very low and I was not nervous when I first submitted my photos. I became more nervous after learning that two of my photos were selected as finalists. The most nerve-racking experience was waiting for the winners’ announcement. I woke up early from my sleep to use the toilet on the day when the announcement was scheduled and checked my email. There it was, an email from Production Paradise with the subject “Congratulations – You are a Winner!!”  My heart was racing and I could not go back to sleep afterward. I immediately woke up my fiancée and sent text messages to my two sons.

Production Paradise: What’s the story behind the picture? What made you take the photo?

Eric Davidove: I made this photograph during a family holiday in Hawaii. My fiancée and I were taking an early evening walk on the beach, just before dinner. I did not bring my “good” camera with me. Along the way, I spotted two ladies sitting on the beach and was immediately excited by the overall composition. I made a few photos with my iPhone while stating, under my breath, that I can’t believe I left my “good” camera at the house. Fortunately for me, I used my iPhone to make this photograph!

Production Paradise: What is it about your job that makes you smile?

Eric Davidove: One year ago, I decided to take a different path in order to focus more on my family, photography, yoga, travels, and my overall mental and physical well-being. I quit my job because it was no longer making me smile. I smile when making photographs because the process helps me live in and appreciate the moment, meet new and interesting people, and become more creative and interesting.

Production Paradise: What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement?

Eric Davidove: My biggest professional achievement was having the courage and strength to change my professional path. I am lucky to have had a long, successful and rewarding professional career. Towards the end, however, I noticed a rapid reduction in my interest and motivation and found it increasingly difficult to go to work. My mood was poor, I felt like a prisoner with no options, and could not see a way out. The idea of earning more and more money seemed to overtake all other ambitions. Making photographs does not put food on my table but it makes me happy. Should I try to live on less income and be happier? Of course. So, I quit my job and have never looked back.

Production Paradise: How did you start doing what you do, what inspired you?

Eric Davidove: About three years ago I became unemployed as a result of a company-wide restructuring. This was a shocking and anxious time for me. I decided to buy a “good” camera to give me a reason to go out of the house, to learn something new, keep my mind off my unemployment status, and to take a break from job searching and interviewing. Why photography? I was looking for an affordable creative activity that would tap into my natural talents. I had studied filmmaking in University, performed as a mime and actor, and enjoyed drawing and painting.

Production Paradise: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a photographer?

Eric Davidove: My greatest accomplishment as a photographer was the day when I started thinking of myself as a photographer, and not simply a person who happens to own a camera.

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