Fashion photography through the eyes of Rudy Shoushany


Photography has always been a medium to express for Rudy Shoushany. He is a Canadian Lebanese Fashion and Beauty photographer and instructor, who specialises in Fashion Editorials, covering North American and Middle Eastern region and what all the comes in between.


Production Paradise: Have you always been keen on photography and how did the switch to professional photographer happen?

Rudy: I always had a camera in my hand, but it wasn’t until 6 years ago that I started in the fashion world by mistake, and OHHH what a good mistake.


Production Paradise: Your beauty and fashion photography is remarkable; why did you adopt this style of photography?

Rudy: I had to look at what makes me different… nowadays it’s easier to become a photographer than it was back in the day. So I had to learn the techniques and rules and really break them, to have my own fingerprint ID in the Field. What makes my images pop out is actually the selection of locations, Exquisite clothes, models, colors etc…


Production Paradise: You’ve shot in campaigns for several big companies and internationally established clients over the past few years; which one are you the most proud of?

Rudy: My favorite one is the desert shoot in Dubai. It was a challenge, extreme heat, and clothes what do you do with them? While brain storming, I wanted to incorporate the desert because it offers a special feeling, and we decided to include a camel. Due to the contrast of color, the poses and the strong story, it really became something unbelievable.


Production Paradise: Is there any advice that you would like to share with other aspiring photographers?

Rudy: Ah yes, firstly, follow my blog to learn more about the technicalities and tips. And secondly, go out there and challenge yourself, that is the only way you will really learn something, when you make mistakes and then later on you see why.


Production Paradise: What have you found most useful being a Production Paradise member?

Rudy: PP is a good experience, the exposure from it, the connections made and the wealth of info for photographers.


Production Paradise: What is the funniest anecdote that you could share with us about the photo-shoots you have done so far?

Rudy: The funniest is when a shoot is involved with a SNAKKKEEEEEEEE. And you fear them. Let your imagination do the rest.


We would like to thank Rudy Shoushany for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of his work on Production Paradise or his website. Lean more about Rudy Shoushany and other fashion photographers in Toronto in our directory.

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