Festival Reklamefilmpreis coming soon


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In keeping the tradition, the annual REKLAMEFILMPREIS will be awarded on the 30th of November 2013: A creative competition presented in Frankfurt, with substantial support of Frankfurt City. Unlike any other commercial film format competitions, the REKLAMEFILMPREIS does not focus on production companies, agencies or clients, but honors creative achievements of film makers creating these films – from art directors to directors, from directors of photography to make-up artists.

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In this year once again, in the category Hochschul-Reklamefilm they will present you a service package worth € 5.000 as additional reward. Thanks to ARRI Commercial.


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REKLAMEFILMPREIS, 30th of November 2013 // Frankfurt A.M.
Tickets, contact and info under WWW.REKLAMEFILMPREIS.DE

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