Food for Thought: The world of food photography and styling with Maria Greco Naccarato


There is more to food photography than…photography! We often don’t appreciate the hard work and detail that is put in to making the food look so beautiful. Maria Greco Naccarato knows both how to style food and to capture its delectability with a camera. Read our interview with Maria to find out more.

Production Paradise: You have established a great reputation as a food photographer and stylist. Where did your passion for food (and capturing its beauty) begin?

Maria: Everything started in my childhood, my family was very keen about cooking and our home was always smelling of tasty food. Later, when I was Product Manager at Nestlè, I discovered the beauty of styling.

Production Paradise: Could you tell us a bit more about the profession of food stylist? What does it involve?

Maria: Food styling is technically about preventing aging of food under lights. It might take one hour to take a picture and we have to style it in order to keep food fresh and appealing. As well as technique, you have a personal touch and style that identifies with you as a stylist.

Production Paradise: Working with a big brands such as Ferrero must be very rewarding, what is the most exciting project you have worked on?

Maria: I love working for Ferrero, and last year I was selected for their Christmas campaign, a very big project: creating and shooting 43 recipes…

Production Paradise: For the worldwide campaign you worked on for Nutella you were both photographer and stylist. Does this make a project easier to manage?

Maria: Yes, both for me and the client; we could really create the project together, step by step, making adjustments whenever was needed, following the client’s wishes and adapting to shooting needs.

Production Paradise: Do you have a preferred type of food that you work with?

Maria: Not really…Every product is interesting. My job is to create the best set and give value to all ingredients.

Production Paradise: You also have a blog called Kitchen in the City, in which you include recipes. Do you create all these delicious recipes yourself?

Maria: Yes, most recipes are mine, but I’m also open to ideas from other people; but of course I always mention my sources.

Production Paradise: Why is it so important for you to use fresh products when styling food for photography or film?

Maria: The consumer is now exposed to beautiful pictures taken without any retouching and it’s important to respect these values of authenticity and freshness.

Production Paradise: In what way is Production Paradise useful to you?

Maria: Production Paradise is a great place to observe the best of photography and styling, but also a great way to promote myself.

We would like to thank Maria for taking the time to talk with us. Discover more about Maria on her website and her latest feature in Showcase Italy.

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