FOODPHOTO Festival 2015: Who? What? Where and why this festival is the one to be at!


FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL is a bi-annual event that brings together Food Photography professionals from all over the world will join together in Vejle, Denmark. They will be able to present their work, share experiences and meet potential partners to collaborate with and participate in conferences and workshops.


Photo by Soren Gammelsmark

Denmark has experienced an explosion of successes with its celebrated chefs, acclaimed restaurants and culinary innovations. “The most inspiring place to be as a food photographer or food stylist is definitely Denmark!” – explains Festival director Günter Beer. The photography exhibitions, free of charge and open to the public, will continue after the festival for two weeks. The Festival consists of three days for professionals, culminating in the “FOODPHOTO on STAGE”.


“If you can shoot food, you can shoot anything.” ( Professionals consider food photography one of the most difficult specialties to master. The field generates more publications, greater sales and a larger audience than any other photographic discipline. In spite of this, names of the photographers remain mostly unknown.

herrera_xemei_the_book 008

Photo by Herrera Xemei

Who will participate in the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL?

For three days, food photography professionals from all over the world will join together. “We are providing a rare opportunity for people to meet others in their field, interchange experiences, discuss trends, discover new products and find partners for the realization of new projects”, explains Günter Beer. Professional photographers and food stylists will be in attendance, as well as agents, editors, publishers, advertising agencies, art directors and professionals from the vast gastronomic sector.


Photo by Corey Arnold

Conferences and Workshops

From 22nd to 25th of October, the days will be filled with a fascinating program of conferences and workshops. Chicago food stylist Mary Valentin will present trends in Food Styling in the Uni- ted States. Workshops will be offered on “Using Daylight”, “Led“ and “Flash in Food Photography”, “Food Styling”, and many more.

David_Japi_2908 - copie

Photo by David Japi


Photo by Arpad Pinter

About the organizers

Food photographer Günter Beer and event producer Manon Straver have amassed several decades of combined experience in their respective fields. They have assembled a talented team of experts to produce this festival. They are very pleased to count with the collaboration of the Counsel of Vejle to realize the festival.

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