From Mexico to every corner in the world: An interview with CaixaPro


They began as a small group of photographers and producers, CaixoPro has now grown into a boutique production company that offers services all around the globe. With more than 10 years of experience and broad knowledge in Latin American countries, especially in their home country Mexico, CaixaPro provides enthusiastic and successful production from the beginning to the end.

Client: Snapchat


Production Paradise: Can you tell us a little about you and your background? How did you start up CaixaPro?

CaixaPro: We started back in early 2009 producing small editorial shoots for Mexican beauty magazines with photographer friends of ours who had been attracting attention in fashion and advertising. We all (photographers and producers) worked together to develop a professional team workflow and to attend advertisement campaigns and foreign productions.

Production Paradise: What sparked your interest in the production process? What is the most challenging part?

CaixaPro: We love new challenges with exciting and creative people involved. Working hard leading a group of creative people to finally see all the effort expressed in published images around the world. The challenging part can be the effective communication between two or many different cultures that are involved in international production, but even that’s an exciting part because we always learn in this job new ways to be better producers and human beings.

Client: Vogue Taiwan


Production Paradise: You have worked on so many different projects with clients from diverse industries, do you have a project that stands out the most for you?

CaixaPro: We believe that every project, no matter how big, has a lot to teach. But if we would need to choose, it would definitely be Spectacles by Snapchat campaign because of the high demands of an international campaign in a small town with little resources.

Production Paradise: You have been in this industry for over 10 years. How do you constantly keep up to date with the changes and developments?

CaixaPro: We are always searching for new ways to produce, communicate, present information and most importantly, to know how to solve big problems that could arise in any project. Learning from our mistakes is what makes us better in our role. Also, our team is made up of young people that are constantly sharing new improvements in many areas that concern us.

Client: Jack Jones

Production Paradise: You currently reside in Mexico, what would you say sets your company apart from other production companies in Mexico?

CaixaPro: It would be a mix of our locations database for a boutique production treatment, with transparent communication as a production partner in every part of the process.

Production Paradise: Can you tell us about your experience as a member of Production Paradise? What do you think was the biggest advantage?

CaixaPro: It has been a great decision to participate in this directory because it brings you closer to other creative teams around the world that are willing to work with you because of your location, expertise, portfolio, etc. As a member, you can show your biggest assets to the world that is searching for a creative partner.

Production Paradise: Lastly, we love your work and we’re excited to see what is next to come. What can we expect from you in the near future? Do you have any big projects planned?

CaixaPro: Yes… We are looking to have the biggest and nicest online location database in Mexico for our clients and partners that are willing to work with us.

Client: Cosmo Lady


We would like to thank CaixaPro for taking the time to share their experience with us! If you want to see more of their work, visit their member page or their website

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