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No matter the photographer, filmmaker, location or subject; the production company is the crucial piece of the puzzle that binds a production together. Norway Does Production takes care of everything that your project may need in the country of the Northern Lights. Linn Flammier offers the warmest help in one of the coolest countries in the world. We’ll let her explain how she works.

Production Paradise: Norway is a huge country with lots of breathtaking locations. What are you looking for when searching for new locations to add to your already extensive database in Norway?

Linn Flammier: Yes, Norway has an incredible geographical diversity. This is due to the climate diversity being such a long stretched country. When we started NODOP our focus was to firstly create a unique database of locations and a personal contact with the locals in the communities of each location. I believe that in order to promote a place successfully one needs to feel like a local and be inspired by the place.

We have scouted most of the country. We promote different parts of the country for different types of clients and their particular needs. We love the entire country and its diversity! We often get asked the question if we ever get used to the dramatic landscapes and the answer is: NO! we can never get used to this beauty – it is as breathtaking every day!

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Production Paradise: In your Instagram account we have seen icy locations where Nodop had to work. What are the challenges of organizing a production within these extreme conditions?

Linn Flammier: We have produced on Svalbard a few times and it is not necessarily more challenging than any other place, it is only different logistically. You need to change your mindset as life in the arctic has a different pace and then also you need to wear a few more layers of thermo underwear. We always ensure that safety is top priority in order for the teams to be comfortable to take in all the magic that is around and focus on the job.

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Production Paradise: Oslo has a special combination of nature and city life. New neighbourhoods brought eye-catching architecture but, Oslo still maintains its relaxed atmosphere of a much smaller town. What would you say are the most impressive spots in the capital of Norway?

Linn Flammier: Oslo is such a big city for being so small. It has, as you mention, many different neighbourhoods with different vibes – from Parisian boulevard atmosphere to east block country character. The new extensions to the harbour city – Tjuvholmen is a favourite spot for me personally along with the hip and vibrant area of Grünerløkka.


Production Paradise: Of all the projects you have been involved in, which one has been the most memorable and why?

Linn Flammier: The most memorable experiences in life are not always the most pleasurable experiences. The most memorable and challenging productions we have done was for a car campaign shoot, both stills and film. The clients were under major pressure from the beginning of pre production and decided to go ahead with the scheduled production in Norway even if most details of the shoot were not confirmed. It developed to be three times more work than the original brief, in extreme landscapes and weather conditions remote from civilisation.

This was a great challenge for the NODOP team on that job but also very satisfying and bonding. All our individual experiences and skills were put to the test within a strong team spirit. At the end of a testing week, the clients left with a very successful campaign and together the NODOP team were reminded that all projects have its challenges and that all challenges have a solution.

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Production Paradise: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Linn Flammier: The pre-production is very crucial in any production. I feel that is also where my personal experience from the industry really is being used to its most. From analysing a creative brief then proposing a realistic schedule to then finally project a financial execution within a given budget. Then I really enjoy being on set and make sure everything is going according to the plan.

My absolute favourite part of a production day is to have a team return to base camp in satisfaction. To be able to hand them a glass of wine and have them put their feet up while my team is setting up for a proper NODOP bbq!

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Production Paradise: Producers bring a massive value to the table of any production. What’s your strength that makes you fulfil this role so well?

Linn Flammier: I have lived and worked in the industry, as a photographer for more than 15 years all over the world. I have accumulated a global network that is quite unique and very valuable. However I think my biggest strength is that I am truly passionate about what I do and the service NODOP give. I am committed to keep the services personal and memorable.


Production Paradise: What would you say to somebody that’s considering Norway as a shooting location?

Linn Flammier: I would say that Norway does have it all ! Also I would say that it is affordable! (We have won pitches many times because we have been most cost efficient.) Then I would tell them to give me call:-)

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NODOP also works in Cape Town (South Africa)

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise?

Linn Flammier: I have used PP for many years and as a photographer I have had agents using Production Paradise and all my experiences are highly satisfactory. To be completely honest the only promotion I have done for NODOP is through Production Paradise!

We would like to thank Linn Flammier from Norway Does Productions for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of NODOP’s work on Production Paradise and their website.

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