Gain altitude with our next Aerial, Architecture and Drone Photography Spotlight Magazine!


Who has never dreamt about flying like a bird to see everything from an aerial view? Aerial photographers make our wish come true. Production Paradise dedicates an exclusive Spotlight Magazine to those impressive aerial, drone and architecture photographers.

As we are watching out for new trends, we incorporate drone photography to the upcoming edition. Drone photography is taking off and more and more photographers use drones to shoot their still images and videos in locations with difficult access – or simply to reduce costs.

Our Aerial, Drone and Architecture Photography Spotlight brings together the best aerial photographers worldwide. With a specific approach, aerial and drone photographers use their dominant position in air to give us brilliant shots with contrasting colors, highlighting the height of elements. Architectural photography points out buildings or cities using reflection, lights and surrounding landscape.

To awake your curiosity before the new edition, which will be out in April, we have selected some breathtaking imagery from our latest Spotlight on Aerial and Architecture Photography.

Photography: Paul Campbell

Photography: Howard Kingsnorth, Location: New York

Photography: Thorsten Schmidtkord, Client: Claas, Location: Germany

Photography: Thomas Ebert, Location: Paläon Museum, Schöningen, Germany

Photography: Ingo E. Fischer

Photography: Cameron Davidson

Photography: Vantagepoint

Photography: Ashok Sinha

Photography: Victor Elias Photography

Photography: Simon Klein, Location: Vienna

If you are an aerial, architecture or drone photographer yourself – don’t miss the occasion to feature your work among the best specialists in the field. And if you are looking forward to see more of top-notch drone, archtecture and aerial shots – subscribe to our Spotlight Magazine!

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