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Nicholas Duers is a New York City based still-life photographer, specialized in fashion accessories, beauty products as well as luxury goods. He has a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and currently works in midtown Manhattan. He has been working for top brands such as Banana Republic, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lacoste, L’Oreal, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Victoria’s Secret and many more.

New York has been his base of operations since 2007 and he has clients in the fashion, beauty, and luxury goods sectors. Before this, he studied advertising photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and fine art photography in Seattle. Nicholas spent a couple of years assisting still-life and fashion photographers in New York. He has been involved in photo shoots for e-commerce clients, and over time Nochilas has included a mix of web marketing, editorial, catalog and advertising.

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Production Paradise: You’ve won many awards in recent years; which award are you the most proud of and what was the story behind the winning shot?

Nicholas: I am always grateful and honored when my work is recognized. I was particularly flattered a couple of years back to end up on Graphis’s list, for an image I shot of a Gucci fragrance. The image itself, of Pour Homme II, was executed for a test. I immensely enjoyed creating this image, because, as with most tests, I was allowed a limitless amount of creative control, and of course, time, to conceptualize, shoot and retouch – luxuries that don’t always occur in the course of day to day work.

Production Paradise: What’s the most enjoyable kind of shoot for you?

Nicholas: For me, the most fun and most rewarding shoots are the ones on which a great collaborative team has been assembled, and there is freedom to experiment creatively. It is in such settings that I feel the opportunity arises for the team to become greater than the sum of it’s parts, and to create a final product that is even more tantalizing than the original intent. jewelry01 copy

Production Paradise: What is your mental checklist before a shoot?

Nicholas: Aside from the obvious checklists to address gear, props, crew and so forth, my mental checklist prior to a shoot involves reviewing which lighting approaches I would like to subject the product to. Beyond that, I strive to make mental notes about where we can save time (without sacrificing quality) using post-production, in the event that we end up short on time.

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Production Paradise: Where do you find the majority of your inspiration?

Nicholas: Aside from keeping an eye on what photography trends are coursing through the US, European, and Asian markets, I draw inspiration from modern art, architecture, and my travels.

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Production Paradise: How has Production Paradise helped you in your daily work as a Photographer?

Nicholas: Production Paradise has consistently been a generous contributor of traffic to my site, as well as an excellent production resource when trying to execute a job in a foreign market. Having a list of known rental studios, equipment houses, etc saves a ton of time when assembling a shoot that’s not in one’s backyard.

Production Paradise: What are you working on right now?

Nicholas: As the year begins, I am making an effort to ramp up testing and to further expand my portfolio.

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Production Paradise: Which clients would you love to work with in the future?

Nicholas: Hermes would be a dream client. Year in and year out I am tremendously inspired by the playful and yet masterful creative directions that they chart. Despite being such a well-established and luxurious brand, they don’t seem rigid when it comes to making bold,  creative moves.

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We would like to thank Nicholas Duers for his time and taking part in our Blog Interview. More of his work can be found on Production Paradise and his website.

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