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We’ve shown you the makeup beauty trends for this year, but there’s still a hole left to be filled in the ‘beauty’ category. That, my friends, is hair. Yes, how your hair looks is just as important as how your face looks. Even if your face looks flawless; if your hair is unbrushed, knotted and greasy – it won’t matter that your makeup has been done perfectly!

Here we’ve rounded up the upcoming top hair trends for the spring/summer season; so start prepping your locks so they look fresh and healthy by the time spring arrives.

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Do It Big

Yes girls, it’s time to go Hollywood glamour. As seen at Diane von Furstenberg, the models channel Brigitte Bardot – big, bouncy, bold. So why don’t you step back to the 50’s too? This is probably the most time-consuming hairdo to achieve, but do it right, and you’ll look like you just walked on the red carpet. As it’s more of an evening look, it’s perfect for a weekend when you can sit in your hair rollers during the day, preparing for a big night ahead. You’ll want to create as much volume as possible, so remember to use some volumising mousse before drying your hair – it really does make a difference.

Root Lift 2


Braid It

Braids keep their it-status this year and can be as diverse as anything. From a romantically messy braid as seen at the Michael Kors catwalk, to an office-ready neat look, or even multiple braids; everything goes. As this trend is here to stay, you may as well make the effort to learn how to do different styles! Still bored with all the possibilities? Twisting the hair, instead of braiding it, might just be the solution.

edit braids

Liv Friis-Larsen

Center Hair Parting

Whether it’s about having a stylish ‘do or loose hair, primary importance is given to the center hair parting, which made an appearance at almost each and every show unveiled for the new season. We recently witnessed classy and sleek middle partings at the shows of Valentino, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, among others. Balancing your locks with a middle parting is probably the easiest hairstyle you could do, and it suits pretty much all face shapes; see the model below working one of 2015’s hottest hair trends.

middle parting 2

Christian Ammann

 Do the Pony

If you don’t have enough time to stand around and fix your hair in the morning, the solution is to always make a ponytail. Nowadays it’s very modern to keep the style casual, and as seen in Gucci and Stella McCartney SS15, ponytails suit any outfit. You can style it in different ways; from wearing it loose and messy, to keeping it neat and straight. On the plus side, it keeps hair out of your face, which is useful for a windy or hot day. Let’s be realistic, no one likes hair blowing in front of their eyes or sticking to their face. You can also easily make the transition from day to night by showing off a casual, low ponytail at work, and creating a high, slicked back ponytail for a night out.

Pony tail

Robbert Beck Productions

Boho Waves

Who doesn’t want to look effortlessly cool and bohemian? Although this style makes everybody envy your laid back attitude and natural beauty, some preparation is needed to not look like a hobo. Even the models at Chloe and Valentino who rocked this hairdo on the runway can’t achieve waves like that naturally. If you don’t have the possibility to swim in the ocean, get some sea salt water spray instead and spray onto damp hair. While you let your hair dry (air-drying is recommended for this look), style it with your hands for your desired waves.

Boho waves

Jaan-Eric Fischer

To Be An Accessory  

It’s time to spice up your life (and hair) with some accessories. Leave those brown hairties and hairslides that you keep losing behind and start using your hair as a blank canvas that’s waiting to be filled with flowers and jewels. For a simple yet chic look, get some inspiration from Celine and use a small accessory to clasp your hair at the back. This would look great on those who have long hair but want to do something else rather than to just leave it down. For a more dramatic look, follow Dolce & Gabbana and embellish your hair with beautiful large jewels, or place some red roses on top of a neat/messy bun.


Julia Saller

Wet Look

You probably think that wet hair could never look sexy… until you see the models who walked the Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein SS15 shows that is. From slick to textured, pulled back to side-swept; wet-look hairstyles will have a large impact in 2015. The ‘natural’ wet hairdos are usually a result of being too lazy to turn on the blow dryer in the mornings, or working up a sweat in spin class – and we make sure that we aren’t see in public with that hair. Take any style – no matter how classic or vintage – and alter it slightly to look as though you just stepped out the shower, and all of a sudden it has a newfound effortlessness. That’s what’s at the core of wet hair as a style in 2015. The photo below will inspire you.

Out of water

Christos Karantzolas 

Try something new with your hair – don’t just let it down as usual. For more hairspiration, check out more hair photography here.

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