Helmut Hutter on following your passion, shooting videos full of action before CGI and more


An architect who got enchanted by the magic of film production, Helmut Hutter has been running Orange Films, a film production company for over two decades now. In this exclusive talk we find out how he discovered a passion towards commercial production, the thrill of shooting a campaign before CGI, and more:

”I use Production Paradise when I shoot abroad to look up for location scouts, for production support. I consider Production Paradise to be amongst the three references in the world, where people in our industry find a place to search and find what they need.”

The idea of having his own company didn’t come up as if it was innate for the former architect; instead, his passion for commercial production started when he met the love of his life, a casting director. Now Helmut is running his production company, Orange Films, which is based in two major locations for production: Paris and London.

We would like to thank Helmut for the interview and invite you to find more on Orange Films website and on the company’s member page at Production Paradise.

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