How Chicas Photo Production is making a famous location out of Curacao


Behind Chicas Photos Productions is a dynamic team of young women who offer full service photo production company based on the sunny island of Curacao.
Their services include location and production management, location scouting and permits, crew accommodation, transportation and transfers, (kids) castings, catering, props, local professional assistance for photo teams, styling, hair and make-up, and more.

Over the past couple of years Chicas Photos Production have worked with clients like VOGUE (starring Erin Wasson), LINDA./L’HOMO, VROUW Magazine / De Telegraaf, JAN Magazine, Holland Herald, American Way (American Airlines), Lucky Magazine and many kids magazines.


Credits: Vogue – Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone – Model: Erin Wasson

Production Paradise: Chicas is based on the sunny island of Curacao in the southwestern Caribbean; this must be an incredible place for locations and photo production. How did the company get started on the island?

Chicas Productions: First of all: Curacao is our little “production paradise”. How it all began… Well, in 2008 we kicked off with a small production for Nokia. More or less to help out a friend / photographer… After this shoot we saw lots of opportunities to build a full professional photo production company. There was no infrastructure for photo productions on the island at all, so we jumped into this gap and started to build on a location database & our own in-house casting agency. Nowadays, after serving many happy clients we can say: this was the best thing ever to do. The island is great, there are so many possibilities in terms of shootings and there are still many to be discovered by people and companies. But moreover: We just LOVE what we do. And that’s the most important thing in life, right…


 Credits: Vogue – Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone – Model: Erin Wasson

Production Paradise:  What makes the locations in Curacao stand out from other shooting destinations?

Chicas Productions: Curacao is situated in the southwestern Caribbean, outside the hurricane belt. So we can shoot all year around. Curacao offers a huge variety of outdoor and indoor locations like the rough untouched landscapes, old colorful colonial buildings, tropical gardens, modern private villas and of course the beaches… The island has more than 30 bays and beaches with the most turquoise clear waters and white sand. Add the fantastic light and a very flexible permit climate and you have got the perfect shooting destination for spring / summer campaigns and beach / swimwear shootings.


 Credits: SuperTrash – Photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis – Model: Imaan Hammam

Production Paradise:   What are your key skills that help you to successfully deliver high quality services in all your fields and to all your clients?

Chicas Productions: Like I said, we just LOVE what we do. And besides this we have an experienced production team that is hands-on, flexible, and who knows the island and its people. Moreover, we are 100% dedicated to our clients and we just don’t stop where others do. Our biggest compliment is the fact that a huge amount of our clients are returning to Curacao every year for their next production.


Credits: Vogue – Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone – Model: Erin Wasson

Banner - Location

Production Paradise:    What are some of the most unique and beautiful locations that you have provided and can we see the final results of the shoot?

Chicas Productions: Since we are situated on a tropical island we regularly shoot on the most amazing beaches. But Curacao has more to offer. I would say the production we have done for VOGUE shows off the great variety the island has to offer. And as it comes to “urban”, I think the latest shoot for European fashion brand SuperTrash is an excellent example.


  Credits: Model – Marcia from Chicas Photos Production –  the Dutch woman magazine Flair 

Production Paradise:  Do you feel like there is a new trend these days in shooting destinations?

Chicas Productions: Our goal by starting Chicas Productions was to put the island of Curacao on the map in terms of possible shooting destinations for photo productions. I am 100% convinced that Curacao has so many possibilities to produce amazing and affordable campaigns for companies / photography teams that are used to fly to Miami, LA or Cape Town. I strongly feel that Curacao is getting more and more discovered, especially by teams from the US. Most companies and crew members we have been working with over the last few months (e.g. Macy’s, Swimsuitsforall, Redbook Magazine) haven’t heard of Curacao ever before. But after their visit, Curacao is one of their favorite destinations.


 Credits: SuperTrash – Photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis – Model: Imaan Hammam

Production Paradise:  What are you currently working on and what’s coming up next for Chicas? 

Chicas Productions: At the moment we are working on shootings for kids catalogues; one from Germany and one from Holland. Since we run our own in-house casting agency with some of the most beautiful kids models from all ages and nationalities we are experts in organizing very affordable kids productions. Besides this I’m travelling through Europe to visit some fashion trade shows in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin to see if I can meet fashion brands or companies that are looking for a new location for their next spring / summer shooting.


 Credits: SuperTrash – Photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis – Model: Imaan Hammam

Production Paradise:  How do you see your company evolving in the next 5 years?

Chicas Productions: Our goal is to become the number 1 production company in the Caribbean and in the next 5 years we hope to produce at least one of the Victoria Secret campaigns. I once said – for fun of course! – that once we’ve done Victoria Secret on the island, I’ve reached my goal, we quit organizing productions and we will start another business like a little coffee hut on a deserted beach haha… But seriously, in the next 5 years I hope Chicas Productions will still have lots of loyal clients, some interesting new combers and finally as much fun as we have today by producing some of the most amazing campaigns, and by working together with some of the most creative and inspiring teams in the world!


Credits: Vogue – Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone – Model: Erin Wasson

Production Paradise:  What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Chicas Productions: Production Paradise is a professional platform in terms of production in general and all kinds of shooting destinations and locations all over the world. As Chicas Curacao we feel that we need and want to be part of this professional worldwide network. Being a member is a way to stay up to date of the latest campaigns, new photographers, new locations, etc. and it gives us – as a still undiscovered shooting destination – a great opportunity to present our company and our beautiful island to the world.


Credits: Vogue – Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone – Model: Erin Wasson

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