How Emerging Photographic Talents can get noticed by Art buyers and Photo reps and boost their career


Photographer: Joshua Coleman

You have just finished studying an intensive degree in photography, you’ve worked hard and struggled while honing your skills. You were born to shoot and now you want to transform this passion into a career as a professional photographer.

Standing out, especially for photographers with little professional experience, can be a massive challenge. The photography world is saturated with commercial photographers who have a solid portfolio and sometimes even they find it difficult to get their work published or seen. When Art buyers and Photo editors are looking for talents to commission they need something more that sets one photographer apart from another. It could be that you are that photographer with the unique vision they are seeking, but how do you get your work in front of these industry players?

Photographer: Verne Ho

Participating in competitions can be one of the best ways to get your work exposed to professionals in the industry who would otherwise never see it. Production Paradise, the world’s leading online promotional tool for commercial photographers to reach ad agencies, magazines and brands has recently launched the Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence. This is high level competition for advertising photographers, but the great news if you are an up-and-coming photographer is there is an Emerging Talents category, which means students can also participate!

This is an incredible chance for as yet undiscovered photographic talent to be seen by some of the world’s top advertising agency Art buyers, Photo reps and clients.

Here are the judges who will be reviewing your work:

  • Leigh Andersen, Senior Photographer’s Agent at Kintzing from USA
  • Laura Kersell, Creative Director at Adobe Studio from USA
  • Jaslyn Loh, Executive Producer at Amanacliq from China
  • Angela Woods, Lead Agent at AWA Represents from United Kingdom
  • Roman Hoffmann, Marketing Manager at Dedo Weigert Film from Germany
  • Jean Cazals, Award Winning Photographer, United Kingdom.

Imagine all of them looking at your work!

In addition, you get The Career Booster package as a prize!

One lucky student photographer will win:

  • $500 in cash
  • 3 one-on-one sessions with a professional photography coach to learn about the business side of photography
  • 1-year Pixpa Pro subscription to create and manage your portfolio website
  • 1-year subscription to Prodibi
  • a web imagery service and a Vimity Premium Pro membership

See more about Prizes

Enter the competition now and make sure you select the Emerging Talent / Student category. Good luck!


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  1. I shall forward this on to my 3rd year students (and maybe the 2nd year as well). I help out with the technology side – mainly how they sell online, utilise social media etc , but we are always looking for other avenues of interest – so we encourage them to use competitions as well in order to try and get themselves in the spotlight a more more.


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