How Model Management is disrupting the global model industry

By is a pioneer in the international modelling community, it provides a diverse and inclusive platform where everyone can shine as a model. It connects aspiring and professional models with reputable photographers, stylists and agencies whilst harmoniously providing a fast and efficient service. We spoke with Marc Charach, COO of, about what the platform does, why photographers love it and why they are a part of the Spotlight Awards.

Marc Charach, COO of


Production Paradise: connects new faces and professional models with photographers. What makes you different from other modelling platforms? 

Marc Charach: We are the only modelling platform in the world which is truly global. We have the best national and international castings from the biggest brands in the world with the most diverse range of models a client could ever wish for.

Production Paradise: You have close to 1 million models in your community, what type of models can we expect to find?

Marc Charach: All types! In today’s commercial and fashion world, trends change fast and diverse models are in high demand. On you will find the biggest possible choice of models from Fashion to Fitness to Tattoo/Alternative to Plus size to Influencers to Real life/Urban to Senior models…and everything in between. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, then our international casting team will find it for you, no matter how unusual the request may be.


Production Paradise: If a photographer is looking to find a specific type of model, e.g. an athlete, how can they utilise your platform to find them?

Marc Charach: They can search the model type that they are looking for and send a direct message, or book the model directly from the platform. Alternatively, they can post a casting to the community and message the applicants via the online tools we provide in their profile. Or if they prefer, they can contact us directly at and our team will handle the casting for them.

Production Paradise: Why has chosen to sponsor the Spotlight Awards?

Marc Charach: Photographers are such an important part of our international community and it’s their incredible vision that allows models to shine in the most creative of scenarios. We are absolutely thrilled to sponsor such high caliber awards for the world’s top commercial photographers. They deserve to be recognised and celebrated!

Production Paradise: How important is the online world for helping connect the right talent to the right castings?

Marc Charach: It’s fundamental. The newest technology guided by industry experts creates an environment where clients can save valuable time to find exactly what they are looking for, all in one place with immediate results! We are the world leaders with both our web platform and our casting app Model Now and we are introducing new technology daily to make clients lives easier when they are searching for talent.

Production Paradise: What exciting projects have you recently provided models for?

Marc Charach: Thousands of models are working via our site at any one time for projects big and small, but some recent clients include Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Decathlon, Volkswagen, Bata, Nissan, Red Bull, Sony, Renault, Nescafé. We are also very happy to help photographers who need models for testing and require something special to help create their vision.

Production Paradise: Thank you, Marc, for taking the time to answer our questions and choosing to sponsor the Spotlight Awards.

Don’t forget to apply to Spotlight Awards! before 18th July! If you are a member of, you can use a special discount MM15OFF to get 15% off all the entries.



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