How smartphones are changing the world of photography: Shot on Mobile Photography Competition


Gone are the days of having to wait until rolls of film are developed into negatives and then printed to photographs. Now, everything can be taken and shared in the same moment. The vast improvements made to mobile phone camera technology and the immediate feedback culture that social apps like Instagram propagate make it more likely that users will be encouraged to take and share their photographs, regardless of if it is their profession or not.

According to research, cameras have seen a dramatic decline in sales, whilst the number of pictures taken has boomed with an estimated 1 trillion photos snapped in 2017. Smartphones are now the most popular device for taking photographs since the release of the first camera phone in 2000, and 92% of users polled said that the camera was the most used feature on their phone.

Fashion photographer Georges Antoni uses the iPhone 7 Plus on Portrait mode to photograph Margaret Zhang for the June cover story of Elle Australia. Photo: Bauer Media Australia/YouTube

There is also the added convenience factor of mobile phones. Not everyone will carry their heavy cameras around at the moment where they see a potentially great shot – but it is more than likely they’ll have their phone in their pocket to do the same trick. In the same way, smartphones also eliminate the need for expensive equipment which had previously limited photography to a particular elite.

Almost everyone owns or has access to a mobile camera device – it now comes down to who has the eye to capture a good photograph.

If you believe you have an eye for mobile photography, all you need is the latest equipment! The most recent iPhone X boasts a 12-megapixel camera, two optically stabilized cameras, higher saturation and better low-light capabilities and you could be in the chance of winning one if you enter our Spotlight Photo Awards for the Shot On Mobile category.

To advocate for the quality of photos that an iPhone can bring, there have been several campaigns that have been shot exclusively on mobile. Perhaps the most omnipresent of these is the award-winning ad campaign called “Shot on iPhone” which exponentially increased iPhone sales. These campaigns featured photographs taken by regular iPhone users, with Apple buying the rights to usage and featuring them on billboards in major cities around the world to convey the message that anyone has access to a device that is capable of producing great photographs.

There has also been the first cover of a magazine shot by fashion photographer Georges Antoni for Elle Australia. Here Antoni used the iPhone 7 Plus on portrait mode which creates a shallow depth of field by depth mapping between two cameras to create the “bokeh” effect. Similarly, Bentley, the luxury car manufacturer, created a video campaign shot entirely on the iPhone 5s.

The normalization of campaigns being shot on mobile shows how the smartphone truly has come to dominate society in all aspects. The access and portability of a smartphone camera simply can’t be beat and allows a photographer to capture an authentic moment. Have an image you want to share?

The Judges who will be assessing the winner for the Shot on Mobile category include:

  1. Kai Herzberger – Director Dach + EMEA, eCommerce & Transformational Retail of Facebook, Germany
  2. Josephine Munis – CMO of Candy Lab AR, USA
  3. Emiliana Torrens – CEO Buenos Aires of Possible, Argentina

Prizes for Shot on Mobile with a total prize value of $3,585:

  • iPhone X worth $1000
  • Media Register – 150 licenses for 12 months (photo licensing tracking software) worth $450
  • Production Paradise products worth $1500
  • Prodibi – a web imagery service, 1-year subscription worth $300
  • Think Tank – A Canvas Retrospective 10 bag worth $165
  • Frii Designs – The TriLens lens holder worth $170

See more about Prizes

Enter the competition now and make sure you select the Shot on Mobile Category. Good luck!


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